Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Radiant Logic, Beyond Trust, Qualys among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Radiant Logic, Beyond Trust, Qualys among others.

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Sanrad\'s V-Switch XL

Product name: V-Switch XL

Key features: SAN appliance providing storage acceleration over embedded front-loadable PCI-e FLASH modules. Dynamic cache software shares high-density FLASH across the SAN, providing lowest cost, highest utilization, and increased FLASH lifespan. More info.

RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS)

Product name: RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS)

Key features: RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service includes an Identity Provider (IdP) and Security Token Service (STS), which authenticates users from across the enterprise, then generates vendor-specific tokens to deliver to cloud applications. More info.

Prism\'s EventTracker v7.2

Product name: EventTracker v7.2

Key features: EventTracker 7.2 enhancements include, StatusTracker providing increased ability to monitor networks and core IP services, Data Mart, enhancing in-depth forensic analysis of archived log data and SCAP Benchmark Profile Editor, allowing SCAP benchmarks to be tailored to client. More info.

Further pricing: additional servers/syslog devices are $360 each, and workstations are $55 each.  Discounted levels exist based on number of devices.

BeyondTrust\'s PowerBroker Desktops, DLP Edition

Product name: PowerBroker Desktops, DLP Edition

Key features: Comprehensive control of leak channels, recognition of sensitive content in over 500 formats, controls access to devices, full audit of data usage, comprehensive reporting, central management through AD. More info.

Apposite\'s Netropy 10G2

Product name: Netropy 10G2

Key features: Netropy 10G2 is a WAN emulator suited to assess 10Gbps data-center-to-data-center networks or internal clouds. The device features 40Gbps aggregate capacity and can test two separate 10Gbps networks or multiple 1Gbps links. Accurately simulating delay on 10Gbps links can discover performance issues that would not be as severe in lower speed links.

Zendesk Enterprise Plan

Product name: Zendesk Enterprise Plan

Key features: Zendesk Enterprise Plan offers a fast, customizable, secure customer support solution specifically designed for large, international, multi-brand organizations. Companies can tailor their help desks according to their own needs while maintaining maximum security. More info.

SmarterTrack 7.x

Product name: SmarterTrack 7.x

Key features: SmarterTrack 7.x is a customer support and IT help desk SaaS application. Update introduces a new mobile interface for tablets and smartphones, a Social Knowledge Base section for improved customer support, and a customizable and more user-friendly portal interface. More info.

Attachmate\'s FileXpress 7.1

Product name: FileXpress 7.1

Key features: FileXpress secures, automates, and streamlines file transfer throughout the enterprise and beyond. Transfer files reliably, meets security objectives, and quickly consumes file transfer services in your applications with FileXpress. More info.

Rapid 7\'s Metasploit 4.0

Product name: Metasploit 4.0

Key features: The new version helps automate the process of testing thousands or even tens of thousands of computers. It is also the first version that offers the ability to capture engagement information in a database, which can then be searched and analyzed with more ease. Also, all of the software's functionality can now be accessed through APIs.

More information: Metasploit 4.0 sets the stage for mass penetration testing

QualysGuard Web Application Scanning (WAS) 2.0

Product name: QualysGuard Web Application Scanning (WAS) 2.0

Key features: QualysGuard WAS 2.0 enables organizations to accurately discover and catalogue web applications. It's an easy-to-use, intuitive service that enables identification of vulnerabilities and remediation paths, helping companies secure web applications. More info.

Product name: GFI Sandbox 3.4

Key features: GFI Sandbox 3.4 (formally CWSandbox) enables users to see how potential malware applications execute, what system changes were made, what network traffic was generated and more, without risking loss of data or compromising a network. New features include enhanced kernel-level file monitoring, rapid analysis, an intuitive user interface and a new threat intelligence report generator. GFI Sandbox 3.4 offers enhanced capabilities for existing customers, while also making it easier for businesses and organizations with limited in-house expertise to incorporate automated malware analysis into their IT security strategies.
More info.


Product name: CORE IMPACT Pro v12

Key features: Core IMPACT Pro v12 is the first security test and measurement solution that safely replicates attacks against Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. It pinpoints exposures, helping enterprises secure mobile infrastructures. More info.

Endace\'s  NetFlow Generator 2.0

Product name: NetFlow Generator 2.0

Key features: Generates NetFlow V5, V9 or IPFIX traffic. Designed for high-throughput 10Gbps environments. 1U EndaceSensor is capable of generating Flow from 30Gbps of standard IPv4 or IPv6 traffic. More info.

EMC DLm6000

Product name: EMC DLm6000

Key features: Designed for use in IBM z/OS environments, the new EMC DLm6000 provides fast VTL capabilities with more than 2GBps throughput and logical capacity of up to 5.7 petabytes. By leveraging the latest advances in EMC Data Domain and EMC VNX storage systems, the DLm6000 lets mainframe users to minimize their storage and replication costs and dramatically improve their disaster recovery capabilities. More info.

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