Internet2's Top 10 firsts and other achievements

As Internet 2 celebrates its 15th anniversary, here are 10 major achievements and firsts

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No. 1: First U.S. production deployment of 100 Gigabit Ethernet

-- Timeframe: 100G Ethernet Network project began in October 2010, first new 100G optical routes operational by summer 2011
--  Collaborators: Indiana University, The Northern Tier Network Consortium, Infinera, Ciena, Juniper Networks, Cisco
-- Funding sources: Internet2, Ciena, Infinera, Juniper and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP)
--  Website:

No. 2: First nationwide dual stack IPv4/IPv6 production network with native multicast capabilities

-- Timeframe: 2000
-- Collaborators: Indiana University, Juniper Networks
-- Funding sources: Internet2
--  website:

No. 3: Co-development of Interdomain Dynamic Circuit Provisioning technology

-- Timeframe: Development began in 2004, put into production on the Internet2 Network as the ION Service, enabling dynamic interdomain VLAN provisioning in 2008
-- Partners: ESnet, California Institute of Technology, GEANT, CANARIE, Indiana University
--  Funding sources: Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Internet2
-- Website:

No. 4: The Internet2 Observatory, an archive of Internet2 traffic statistics

-- Timeframe: Established in 2002
-- Collaborators: Indiana University
-- Funding sources: HP, Internet2
-- website:

No. 5: The Megaconference Series, the first 1,000+ multipoint videoconference

-- Timeframe: First Megaconference was held in 1999
-- Collaborators: OARnet, Ohio State University, MAGPI, the Internet2 Commons
--Funding sources: OARnet, Ohio State University, MAGPI, the Internet2 Commons provide staff, equipment and other resources
-- website:

No. 6: First demonstration of Telepresence Services Interoperability

-- Timeframe: Fall 2009
-- Collaborators: Polycom, OARnet, Tandberg, Lifesize Communications, Internet2
-- Funding sources: n/a
-- Website:

No. 7: First Virtual K-12 Field Trips with oceanographer Bob Ballard

--  Timeframe: approximately 2004
-- Collaborators: the JASON project, Mystic Aquarium, NOAA, the Internet2 K20 Initiative
-- Funding sources: the JASON project (and its funding partners), Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration, NOAA
-- Website: and

No. 8: First public multicast of professional orchestra performance series - the Philadelphia Orchestra

Timeframe: Began 2008
Collaborators: The Philadelphia Orchestra, MAGPI
Funding sources: Philadelphia Orchestra

No. 9: Development of open-source Shibboleth Software

-- Timeframe: Development began in 2000
-- Collaborators: Brown University, The Ohio State University, University of Memphis, Internet2, University of Washington, Georgetown University, the Swiss Education & Research Network (SWITCH), Edina/JISC.
-- Funding sources: Internet2, National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Google, the Internet Society, and numerous institutions and network organizations contributed staff resources to the development.
-- Website:

No. 10: First national Identity Management Federation: InCommon

--Timeframe: established 2005
-- Collaborators: Established and operated by Internet2, guided by The InCommon Steering Committee, comprised of University CIOs and other Higher Education IT Executives and the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee
--  Funding sources: Internet2
-- Website:

Read an indepth analysis of Internet2 along with a timeline .