Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Netoptics,, Avere Software, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Netoptics,, Avere Software, among others.

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Netoptics\' appTap

Product name: appTap

Key features: Industry's first integrated network and application monitoring Tap designed for networks in remote sites. Businesses can now proactively detect and resolve problems in real-time before they affect business continuity and revenue. More info.\'s CloudStack 2.2

Product: CloudStack 2.2

Key features: Open source cloud platform has more than 100 new features including improved hypervisor support, borderless scalability, advanced networking configuration, streamlined administration and is hybrid-cloud ready. More info.

Further pricing: Community edition is free. Enterprise and Service Provider editions are $10,000 per year for the management server license and five nodes, with additional nodes costing $1,000 per year.

KEMP LoadMaster Exchange (LM-Exchange)

Product: KEMP LoadMaster Exchange (LM-Exchange)

Key features: Server load balancer and application delivery controller purpose-built for Microsoft's Exchange 2010. It is designed to address high-availability and scales to 250 Exchange 2010 users with features such as layer 7 throughput and SSL offload. More info.

Ericom HTML5 Client for VMware View

Product: Ericom HTML5 Client for VMware View

Key features: Ericom HTML5 Client for VMware View is the first VDI solution to work natively with Chrome, Safari and other HTML5-compliant browsers. Delivers seamless access via browser to VMware View virtual desktops. More info.

SuperMicro\'s 8-Way 80-Core SuperServers

Product: 8-Way 80-Core SuperServers

Key features: 8-way SuperServer systems with 10-core CPUs support up to 2 TB of ECC DDR3 memory, 10 PCI-E 2.0 expansion slots, and up to 24 2.5-inch hard drives. The servers offer energy efficient designs, improved computing speed, I/O performance, expandability and security. More info.

UniBrows v 1.0.2

Product name: UniBrows v 1.0.2

Key features: By installing UniBrows on PCs running Windows XP with IE8, or Windows 7 computers with IE9, organizations can continue to use existing Internet Explorer 6 applications without modifying a single line of code. More info.

Citrusleaf 2.0

Product name: Citrusleaf 2.0

Key features: NoSQL database combines best practices of database and distributed technology for high-performance, mission-critical customer environments that require reliability, scalability and speed. More info.

Datarm\'s XcelaSAN Model 100 with 256GB

Product name: XcelaSAN Model 100 with 256GB

Key features: The new Dataram XcelaSAN doubles the capacity for a total of 256GB per high-availability appliance. XcelaSAN improves I/O performance and accelerates both reads and writes. More info.

Avere FXT 2550 and 2570

Product name: Avere FXT 2550 and 2570

Key features: Avere Systems' new FXT Series scale-out NAS appliances incorporate faster processors, enhanced connectivity and Avere's new global namespace (GNS) functionality, enabling the unification of islands of heterogeneous NAS from multiple vendors across distributed locations. More info.

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