Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from HP, SolarWinds, GFI among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from HP, SolarWinds, GFI among others.

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EdgeMarc 250

Product name: EdgeMarc 250

Key features: This session border controller is designed for small businesses or branch offices of larger businesses to connect office communications gear to IP networks. It includes interfaces to older equipment such as analog phones and traditional PBXs. IT performs protocol mediation to connect voice and video gear to VoIP services, includes a VoIP aware firewall, prioritizes traffic and monitors the quality of voice and video. More info.

Maingear\'s EX-L 17 3D gaming laptop

Product: EX-L 17 3D gaming laptop

Key features: Features an overclocked 4.8GHz processor, Intel's quad-core Core i7-2920XM Extreme Edition processor, a 17.3-inch screen, and Nvidia's GeForce GTX485M graphics card for 3D gaming. The graphics card is compatible with Microsoft's DirectX 11 graphics technology.

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Aternity\'s FPI (Frontline Performance Intelligence) Platform version 5

Product: FPI (Frontline Performance Intelligence) Platform version 5

Key features: Monitors applications to see how responsive they are in day-to-day operations, by aggregating performance data and offering summaries of how well applications are performing. Can monitor Ajax-styled Web applications as well as 64-bit Java desktop applications.

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HP t5335z and t5565z Smart Clients

Product: HP t5335z and t5565z Smart Clients

Key features: The new HP t5335z and t5565z Smart Clients are multiprotocol, reprogrammable thin clients that support a choice of Citrix-, Microsoft- or VMware-based infrastructures. Users can be up and running in seconds with no configuration or management required on the device side. More info.

HP 6360t Mobile Thin Client

Product: HP 6360t Mobile Thin Client

Key features: The HP 6360t Mobile Thin Client provides a flexible, PC-like experience with support for more applications and multiple simultaneous environments, such as VDI- or session-based desktops, without sacrificing the security of sensitive or mission-critical data. More info.

Solarwinds\' User Device Tracker

Product name: User Device Tracker

Key features: SolarWinds' User Device Tracker (UDT) provides network engineers with a powerful, affordable, easy-to-use switch port tracking solutions that enables instant access to connected device location. More info.

MokaFive BareMetal

Product name: MokaFive BareMetal

Key features: A client hypervisor that installs directly onto the bare metal of users' machines – providing greater performance, security and control over the desktop software stack. More info.

Ericom AccessNow

Product name: Ericom AccessNow

Key features: Ericom AccessNow is a high performance HTML5 RDP Client, providing accelerated access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms. Running entirely within a browser, AccessNow works natively with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (with Chrome Frame plug-in), Firefox and any other browser with HTML5 and WebSockets support. More info.

CAST Highlight

Product name: CAST Highlight

Key features: Software analysis tool that can point out potential software outages and security breaches; comes in a cloud-based service that provides a snapshot of applications to take stock of a large IT portfolio or determine need for ongoing monitoring for structural quality problems. Reads within seconds without uploading code. More info.

GFI LANGuard 2011

Product name: GFI LANGuard 2011

Key features: GFI LANguard 2011 is the first comprehensive network vulnerability scanning and patch management solution to integrate with more than 1,500 security applications and to include keyword search. GFI LANguard combines vulnerability scanning, patch management and network and software auditing in one solution to provide SMBs with the ability to inventory devices attached to the network, receive change alerts, ensure antivirus applications are current and enabled and strengthen compliance through automated patch management. The solution can manage up to 5,000 machines from a single console. More info.

Splunk for Citrix XenDesktop

Product name: Splunk for Citrix XenDesktop

Key features: Helps IT deliver higher service levels to virtual desktop users by providing visibility into the critical components of a virtual desktop deployment – enabling proactive monitoring, rapid troubleshooting and operational analytics around virtual desktop usage. More info.

SysAid IT 8.0

Product name: SysAid IT 8.0

Key features: SysAid IT 8.0 provides IT administrators with mobile help desk and asset management tools. It includes a new remote control access feature and a password self-reset module that lets end users reset their passwords or unlock their network accounts on their own. The new release also includes SysAid's iPhone 2.0 app, which provides free push notifications with real-time IT network and user request updates. More info.

Rackspace Hosted Virtual Desktop Platform

Product name: Rackspace Hosted Virtual Desktop Platform

Key features: Hosted Virtual Desktop Platform provides the flexibility of Managed, Cloud, or RackConnect services and uses technologies from best-of breed partners, to deliver virtualized desktops, while lowering capital investment costs. More info.


Product name: BIOWRAP

Key features: BIOWRAP Certified by GlobalSign, provides a turn-key solution that certifies, secures, manages, delivers, and tracks (in real-time) electronic data both inside and outside your organization. Users create secure, authenticated, and accountable electronic files that respond to HIPAA, HITECH and other state and federal healthcare regulations. More info.

Numara\'s FootPrints Migration Manager

Product name: FootPrints Migration Manager

Key features: FootPrints Migration Manager lets IT administrators update and migrate software and operating systems (such as Windows 7) to new PCs while automatically preserving user preferences. More info.

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