Hot products at Interop 2011

Extreme\'s BlackDiamond X8

Product name: BlackDiamond X8

Key features: The BlackDiamond X8 takes up one-third of a data center rack. It has a switching capacity of over 20Tbps or 1.28Tbps per slot. It can support 768 wire-speed 10G Ethernet ports - which is industry-leading density - and 192 wire-speed 40G Ethernet ports.

Summit X670

Product Name: Summit X670

Key features: The Summit X670 comes in two versions: the X670 and the X670V. The X670 is a 48-port 10G switch while the X670V adds a four-port 40G uplink capability, or another 24 ports of 10G. Both switches support 128,000 virtual machines, the IEEE's Data Center Bridging standard for lossless Ethernet operation and data and storage integration, and the Multi-System Link Aggregation specification to flatten the Ethernet fabric for high performance, low latency and high resiliency.

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AX 3000-11-GCF

Product name: AX 3000-11-GCF

Key features: AX 3000-11-GCG is a 1U application delivery controller and server load balancer. It supports 850,000 Layer 4 connections per second and 30Gbps throughput. The hardware features four 10-Gigabit Fiber ports, eight Gigabit Copper ports, eight Gigabit Fiber ports, SSD, redundant power supplies, removable smart fans and onboard ASIC hardware for SSL acceleration.


Product name: VIPRION 2400

Key features: This application delivery controller is the little brother to the VIPRION 4400 and is made for mid-range enterprises with four slots that can boost throughput as demands increase. A new feature – virtual clustered multiprocessing (vCMP) - enables adding a blade and allocating processing resources for a specific task over multiple blades, which can boost reliability in the case a blade fails. It also enables more complete  use of available processing power and the ability to more readily support multiple tasks. vCMP will become a feature of all VIPRION platforms.

Blue Coat\'s Cloud Mach 5 Virtual Applaince (VA)

Product name: Cloud Mach 5 Virtual Applaince (VA)

Key features: Proxy SG VA is a software version of Blue Coat's Proxy SG physical WAN acceleration appliances that is designed for deployment in cloud environments, both public and private. For customers of infrastructure as a service providers, this software can be deployed within servers leased from the provider.

Watchguard\'s XTM 2050

Product name: XTM 2050

Key features: The XTM 2050 is WatchGuard's new flagship firewall appliance, featuring 20Gbps firewall throughput. If other bundles of features are turned on – IPS, application control, anti-spam, anti-virus, URL filtering, reputation services – the throughput is 10Gbps. The device includes 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 10G Etherent fiber ports as well as dual power supplies, fans, NICs and hard drives. The firewall includes safe search enforcement, a network-level that prevents users from searching on prohibited topics without having the ability to override search policies.

Shoretel\'s SA 100

Product name: SA 100

Key features: SA 100 incorporates ShorTel unified communications software factory installed on a hardware server that can be managed from ShoreTel's director platform. The UC package formerly was sold separately for installation on customer-owned hardware and had its own management interface. SA 100 supports instant messaging, audio conferencing and desktop sharing. The company says the new appliance is half the price of the software-only option. ShoreTel is also announcing ShoreTel 12 software for its core communication platform, doubling the number of users it can handle on a single instance of the software to 20,000.

HP\'s IMC 5

Product name: IMC 5

Key features: IMC 5 provides centralized, single console management of networking devices across the enterprise -- data center, campus and branch. Here, IMC 5 is displaying the discovery of virtual machines, virtual switches and their relationship to the physical network.

HP\'s S6100N

Product name: S6100N

Key features: Single intrusion prevention appliance for physical, virtual and cloud environments, providing up to 16Gbps of deep-packet inspection.

GFI MailEssentials Complete

Product name: GFI MailEssentials Complete

Key features: GFI MailEssentials Complete is a comprehensive email security solution that provides SMBs choice and flexibility in managing their anti-spam, anti-phishing and email security strategies. GFI MailEssentials Complete is available through multiple delivery models, including a physical or virtual gateway appliance, a hosted service or a hybrid approach of multiple models. More info.

Pricing:· MailEssentials Complete Appliance pricing starts at $2,495 for 500 users or less for the hardware appliance and $595 for 50 users or less for the virtual appliance.
·         MailEssentials Complete Online pricing varies by number of users. For 50 to 100 mailboxes, pricing starts at $15.50 per user per year. For 500 to 1,000 mailboxes, pricing starts at $10 per user per year.

Anue\'s 5273 NTO

Product Name: 5273 NTO

Key features: The Anue NTO aggregates data from multiple visibility points and ensures the delivery of mission-critical network traffic to essential monitoring tools, giving data center teams better network visibility. The product’s automation capabilities allow customers to dynamically configure the NTO in response to real-time network events. For example, when a firewall detects a problem it runs a script to the NTO and makes the connection between the data recorder and the port to automatically record the incident.