Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Enterasys, VMware, Platform Computing among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Platform Computing, VMware, Enterasys among others.

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Platform MapReduce

Product name: Platform MapReduce

Key features: Enterprise-class, distributed runtime engine for MapReduce applications, providing enterprise-class manageability and scale, high resource utilization and availability, ease of operation and multiple application support. More info.

Further pricing: a Subscription License Bundle (Platform MapReduce + HDFS Support) is  $3,270.

VMware View Client for Android

Product: VMware View Client for Android

Key features: VMware View Client for Android lets people access their virtual Windows desktops, applications and data from Android devices. The Android app is a free add-on for paying desktop virtualization customers. More info.

Enterasys S-Series S6

Product: Enterasys S-Series S6

Key features: The Enterasys S-Series S6 is optimized for use in virtualized data center environments and to facilitate virtual desktop deployments, integrating seamlessly into today's cold aisle/hot aisle data center cooling architectures. More info.

Confident Multifactor Authentication

Product: Confident Multifactor Authentication

Key features: Delivers an image-based authentication challenge on users' mobile phones for a completely out-of-band, two-factor authentication solution that is secure and easy to use. Evades Zitmo by graphically encrypting authentication codes. More info.

Viewfinity Application Admin Rights Analysis

Product: Viewfinity Application Admin Rights Analysis

Key features: Pre-discover applications requiring elevated permissions with Viewfinity's Application Admin Rights Analysis and automatically create policies to elevate privileges once the analysis is completed; ensuring a non-disruptive move to least privileges. More info.

Further pricing info.: $40 per desktop for a perpetual license (Support & Maintenance is 25% of List Pricing for 7X24) with Volume discounts applying for either type of licensing model.

VMTurbo Cloud Operations Manager

Product name: VMTurbo Cloud Operations Manager

Key features: Designed specifically to orchestrate across multiple layers of services and infrastructure, the VMTurbo Cloud Operations Manager helps organizations achieve agility in large, complex and dynamic environments. More info . Download a 30-day free trial here .

ProSphere Storage Resource Management

Product name: EMC ProSphere Storage Resource Management (SRM)

Key features: EMC's new offering delivers loud storage management software to monitor and analyze storage service levels across a virtual infrastructure. Built to meet the demands of the cloud computing era, ProSphere enables enterprises to enhance performance and improve storage utilization as they adopt technologies and processes for the cloud. More info .

Further pricing info: Starts at $3,500, or at no additional charge for customers with an EMC ControlCenter maintenance contract.

Norman Malware Analyzer G2

Product name: Norman Malware Analyzer G2

Key features: The first malware analysis solution to use Hybrid SandBoxing, delivering traditional sandbox analysis while also offering new IntelliVM capability which embeds proprietary KernalScout technology for discovery of hidden suspicious software behavior. More info .

Further pricing info: Suggested software pricing begins at $25,000 and appliance pricing begins at $50,000 per enterprise installation.


Product name: WatchDox

Key features: WatchDox, a provider of document control, tracking and protection, has announced support for viewing documents on BlackBerry smartphones and a major update to its Apple iOS app to allow mobile syncing for the iPhone and iPad. More info .