Apple iPhoneys: the iPhone 5 edition

Can't wait for the next Apple iPhone? Neither can these designers, marketers and iPhone addicts

Apple nation has really been left up in the air about what the iPhone 5 will look like, if there even is a product introduced this year that will go by that name. Some say Apple can't wait to put the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems and white model issues behind it, while others wonder if more of an iPhone/iPad combo is in the works. Technologies expected to be supported in a new edition of the iPhone range from near-field communications ( NFC ) to a dual-mode GSM/CDMA chip to facial recognition and improved video chat. All of which have given creative minds some interesting ideas about what the iPhone 5 (or whatever it's called) will look like. Here's a sampling.

You've got to hand it to designer Samuel Lee Kwon for an iPhone design that even gives a nod to the "Palm".  The Next G iPhone would involve strapping a device to your wrist and projecting the phone image onto your palm.

Source: Yanko Design

A futuristic holographic projector system would let you manipulate sophisticated images. No telling what Apple CEO Steve Jobs could do with this sort of powerful device.

SOURCE: WaterWorks/Christopher East on Vimeo

OK, maybe the robot arms are unlikely any time soon, but we're buying the laser and tank treads.

Source: FoneHome

This German Web site's take on what iPhone 5 will look like: wafer thin and totally touch sensitive. Expect 100Mbps downloads via 4G wireless, better screen resolution, 32G and 64G models, and better battery life.

Source: Handyflash

Well, that should take care of Antennagate issues associated with iPhone 4.

Source: on Flickr

This iPhone 5 design is inspired by the iMac.

Source: Dorian Darko

The Chinese are famous for their iPhone clones and this image from a video out of China shows what appears to be something of an iPhone 3GS/4 hybrid with a removable back for battery access.


Design company Item out of Paris and London has some colorful ideas about which direction Apple might go with the iPhone.


One vision has the iPhone 5 addressing camera shortcomings with a micro reflex camera built in.

SOURCE: Eloy Ricardez Luna on Flickr

Why mess around thinking about what the iPhone 5 will look like when the iPhone 6 is probably only two years away?  Designer Archil Vardidze foresees an external antenna, aluminum shell, solar batteries and a newfangled Home button.

SOURCE: Concept Phones

Just for a good measure, an iPad 2 mock-up. Engadget spotted an iPad 2 case at CES 2011 from electronics accessories maker Dexim that featured an iPad 2 mockup inside. The case features holes for front and back iPad cameras and a speaker and an "intriguing case design involving a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically adheres to the front cover of the book-like sleeve, allowing for a laptop-style setup, or a keyboard-free case when you want to shave a few ounces,"according to Engadget.

Source: Engadget

Got a cool iPhone 5 design of your own? Send it along and if we like it we’ll add it to the slideshow!

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