Hot products from RSA 2011

Security conference showcases the next trends in network security.

IBM\'s Network Intrusion Prevention System GX7800

Product name: Network Intrusion Prevention System GX7800

Key features: Network IPS GX7800 runs at 20Gbps, so it is suitable for the largest networks and busiest environments such as data centers. In addition to IPS protection, it also performs Web application protection, data loss prevention and virtual patching of known vulnerabilities, all of which can run concurrently.

Juniper\'s Virtual Gateway (VGW)

Product name: Virtual Gateway (VGW)

Key features: This virtual security gateway protects virtual machines with firewalls, but also integrates with Juniper SRX security appliances. This integration enables VGW to adopt the security zones and policies set on customer SRXs to reduce configuration time and to ensure policies are consistent between SRX and VGW platforms. VGW is a new version of the Altor Networks virtual security platform that was bought last year by Juniper and includes integration with Juniper's Security Threat Response Management software, giving STRM a view into activity among virtual machines.

Sonicwall\'s SuperMassive E10000 Series

Product name: SuperMassive E10000 Series

Key features: The four SuperMassive E10000 devices are multi-core next-generation firewall products designed for use in high volume environments such as data centers. The gear supports 10Gbps anti-spyware, anti-malware protection, 30Gbps application control, SSL inspection and intrusion prevention and 40Gbps stateful firewall protection. The company says it built the SuperMassive gear with power economy in mind and claims that its Gbps/Watt ratio is the best among next-generation firewall gear.

M86 MailMarshal ECM

Product name: M86 MailMarshal ECM

Key features: MailMarshal ECM is the only granular policy control solution for internal e-mail passing through an Exchange infrastructure which simplifies compliance for enterprise customers. New features include enhanced centralized management, increased scalability and support for Exchange 2010. More info.

Sophos Virtual Email Appliance

Product name: Sophos Virtual Email Appliance

Key features: The first virtual security appliance to take strong security, data protection and simplified management to the latest VMware virtual environments – combining DLP and e-mail encryption with proactive spam and malware protection.

Further pricing info: The virtual e-mail appliance follows the same per user pricing structure as the physical appliance but without the hardware cost. Additional Virtual Email Appliance information:
o Each virtual e-mail appliance activation code gives the customer the ability to run 10 concurrent instances of the virtual e-mail appliance.
o A onetime $100 is charged for virtual e-mail appliance purchases to handle setup overhead (e.g. monitoring and tracking systems). More info.

Sophos Mobile Control

Product name: Sophos Mobile Control

Key features: Safeguards data on mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Mobile. Provides centrally configured security settings, lockdown of unwanted features, remote over-the-air lock or wipe, security policy enforcement, a self-service portal, and access control to corporate e-mail. More info.

Venafi Encryption Director 6

Product name: Venafi Encryption Director 6

Key features: Director 6 allows customers to automate management of encryption keys and digital certificate technologies across the enterprise. Director 6 generates and maintains an inventory of encryption assets, ensures key strengths, validation, life-cycle management and reporting. New to Director 6 are enhancements to Certificate Manager, and the addition of an SSH Key Manager and Symmetric Key Manager. More info.

Mykonos Security Appliance - Jujitsu Release

Product name: Mykonos Security Appliance - Jujitsu Release

Key features: The Mykonos Security Appliance is a Web application firewall appliance that detects, tags, tracks and stops hackers in real-time. New features include a Cross Site Request Forgery processor that protects against that type of attack as well as a new reporting management system that enables administrators to share valuable hacker data with their internal stakeholders. Key infrastructure improvements also enable the product to work seamlessly within enterprise IT environments. These features include SSL configuration to secure internal communication and third-party authentication for access to the product and the ability for devices to connect to multiple VLANs. More info.


Product name: FortiGate-3140B

Key features: The FortiGate-3140B provides large enterprises with up to 58Gbps of firewall performance, 10Gbps of IPS performance, and up to 22Gbps of VPN performance. More info.

Security Innovation\'s TeamMentor OWASP Edition

Product name: TeamMentor OWASP Edition

Key features: TeamMentor OWASP contains 160 knowledge assets; code snippets, checklists, attacks, etc. that ensure development teams conduct design, coding and testing to avoid OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities, helping improve application security. More info.

nuBridges Protect Tokenization as a Service (TaaS)

Product name: nuBridges Protect Tokenization as a Service (TaaS)

Key features: TaaS is a cloud-based tokenization service providing secure data protection for credit card, personally identifiable information and electronic health records all managed 24x7 by nuBridges. More info.

Solera OS 5.0

Product name: Solera OS 5.0

Key features: Solera OS 5.0 powers Solera DS network forensics appliances and now includes Application Classification, DeepSee Active Reporting, and geolocation through DeepSee Maps and Google Earth integration, enabling swift incident response. More info.

YubiKey authentication key

Product name: YubiKey authentication key

Key products: The YubiKey authentication key from Yubico is now available as one of the strong authentication methods in Symantec's VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service. VIP users and customers can now enjoy a simplified login process with the ease of use and minimal size of the YubiKey. More info.

Identity Finder version 5.0

Product name: Identity Finder version 5.0

Key features: Helps organizations reduce the risk of data leakage and identity theft by locating and securing sensitive information across systems. 5.0 delivers new searching support for e-mail systems and enterprise servers, centralized remediation and configuration management and vastly improved performance. More info.

The Bit9 Global Software Registry (GSR)

Product name: The Bit9 Global Software Registry (GSR)

Key features: The Bit9 Global Software Registry (GSR) is the first open, cloud-based reputation platform available to assess the trustworthiness of software. The Bit9 Global Software Registry (GSR) is now accessible via an open API allowing the global cybersecurity community to easily integrate their solutions with the Bit9 GSR Platform. More info.

FireEye Email Malware Protection System

Product name: FireEye Email Malware Protection System

Key features: FireEye Email MPS features the Real-time Attachment and URL Analysis engine that evaluates e-mails for zero-hour malware and enables FireEye to detect and stop socially engineered attacks. More info.

AlertLogic\'s Threat Manager and ActiveWatch

Product name: Threat Manager and ActiveWatch

Key features: Trusted by enterprises, managed hosting providers, and partners worldwide, Alert Logic provides innovative, low-cost, worry-free SaaS offerings to help monitor and manage threats and achieve regulatory compliance. More info.

TITUS Aware for Microsoft Outlook

Product name: TITUS Aware for Microsoft Outlook

Key features: TITUS Aware for Microsoft Outlook protects businesses from inadvertent data breaches by validating e-mails for corporate policy and regulatory compliance, allowing users to correct policy violations before e-mail  leaves the desktop. More information

NetClaritty\'s NACwall 2G appliances

NACwall 2G appliances appliances are based on new hardware platforms and support RSA SecurID two-factor authentication and RSA enVision SIEM  log-analysis platform. The appliances are supplemented by online services that include updates for malware signatures, zero-day attacks and vulnerabilities. The five devices have been upgraded so customers can inventory and fingerprint network devices and using heuristics to identify possible malware activity.

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