What a girl wants: 25 techie gifts for your Valentine

There's still plenty of time to shop for your Valentine, and you don't even have to leave your desk to buy one of these 25 tech-inspired gifts.

There's still plenty of time to shop for your Valentine, and you don't even have to leave your desk to buy one of these 25 tech-inspired gifts. Some are sweet (chocolate penguins), some are goofy (remote-controlled moon), some are brilliantly geeky (pi bracelet) and some are just… red (custom ice skates). Take a look.

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Chocolate mice

Chocolate is standard for Valentine's Day – and pretty failsafe, if you ask me. To put a tech spin on a classic confection, check out these handmade chocolate mice from L.A. Burdick Chocolate in Walpole, N.H. The mice are sold individually ($3.50), in pairs ($6.50), or in boxes of four ($11.50), nine ($32) and 16 ($46). The larger boxes offer three different flavor combinations: dark chocolate with an orange interior, milk chocolate with a mocha interior and white with a cinnamon interior. Yum.

Penguin sweets

If her heart belongs to Linux, skip the mice and go for penguins. L.A. Burdick's penguins are made of hand-piped dark chocolate filed with lemon ganache. The wings are made from almonds. Penguins are sold individually (starting at $3.25), in pairs ($7), or in boxes of nine ($32).

Mobile mouse

If it's a real computer mouse your Valentine needs, the new Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse ($70) has a sweet feature: It flattens for portability and curves into shape when you're ready to start scrolling. It also features Microsoft's first touch scroll navigation strip. You can move a finger slowly for controlled scrolling or flick for hyperfast scrolling.

Comfy like a keyboard

Geeks need pillows too, says Chicago artist Beth Cummings. Her set of three Mac pillows (Command, Option, Esc) is made from charcoal gray felt with light gray lettering. The PC version (Ctrl, Alt, Del) is light gray with dark lettering .
As an added eco-bonus, Cummings uses felt made from recycled plastic bottles. Both pillow sets are available at her Etsy shop, called diffractionfiber, for $55.

Make it a mix tape

If your sweetheart is old enough to remember mix tapes, she'll appreciate this nostalgia-inducing zippered pouch from Decor Craft Inc. ($5 to $7 from various retailers). One side of the pouch says " mix tape " and the other says "party mix."

Pi cuff

Talk about geek chic. This cuff bracelet from KarlaWheelerDesign has the first 480 numbers of pi etched in copper and blackened with liver of sulfur. It's available on Etsy for $50. Or, instead of pi, you can write your own message, and the Chicago artist will translate it into binary code and etch it on a copper bracelet. How cool is that?

Healthy headphones

Show your Valentine you care about her safety with these headphones from dB Logic. The HP-100 headphones ($40) have an adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups that swivel. The EP-100 ear buds ($30) include silicone rubber tips that are designed to route sound directly into your ear canal and decrease ambient noise. Both styles incorporate the company's SPL2 technology, which is aimed at protecting users from high sound pressure levels that cause hearing damage when you listen to music for extended periods of time. Just one thing: You'll have to give your significant other an IOU, since these don't start shipping until about mid-February.

More than a notebook

This read-write combo is tailor-made for the Valentine who's equally happy in the pen-and-paper world as she is in the digital realm. The Quattro Giga ($47 at MoMA Store) combines a 144-page leather notebook with a removable 4GB USB flash drive closure. The notebook is replaceable, and the flash drive is Windows- and Mac-compatible.

Fingerless gloves

It's a classic winter conundrum: How to tap out a text message without exposing your entire hand to the frigid elements. Free Fingers by Nina Wexler makes it easy with hand-knit cashmere fingerless gloves. They're practical, stylish and the money goes to a good cause. Wexler, who's a breast cancer survivor, donates 100% of her profits to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Bloomingdale's currently has two styles on sale for $68.

Cupcake cover

For a sweet treat with no caloric price to pay, check out the silicone Cupcake iPhone cover from Decor Craft ($8 from various retailers ).

Give her the moon

Want to make a grand gesture? It doesn't get more grand than giving her the moon. This remote-controlled moon lamp rotates through 12 lunar phases and has a built-in light sensor that lights up the moon when it gets dark. It's available for $30 at the Discovery Channel's online store .

Laptop sling

Built's neoprene bags are always cool, and the company's new Alexander Girard collection of laptop slings ($50) takes the cool quotient up a notch. The hourglass design secures a laptop in place and is designed to fit both Macs and PCs. The Retrospective (black and white streetscape) and January (red and pink) patterns are two of my favorites.

Custom ice skates

OK, so ice skates aren't really a techie gift. But when you can custom order a pair in a Valentine's Day hue, that's ecommerce at its best. Not to mention a really unique, romantic idea. These red beauties from Riedell ($191.50) can be ordered at Skates.com .

Facebook novelties

Facebook novelties

Smack in the category of silly novelty items is this stamp set , available for $13 from ThinkGeek. It could be worth a chuckle if your Valentine is a Facebook fan, but be careful. Putting a "dislike" stamp in the hands of your Valentine could be hazardous to your relationship.

Backup hero

You could be the hero if you save your sweetheart from losing all her treasured photos and files. Two options for portable hard drives with a Valentine's Day vibe are the iOmega eGo 3.0 in Ruby Red (starts at $110 for a 500GB USB 3.0 drive) and iOmega's Red Hot Skin (starts at $110 for a 500GB USB 2.0 drive).

Magnetic key ring

This is one of my favorites, second only to the pi cuff bracelet. The Magnetic Key Ring , designed by Emily Rothschild, is made from sterling silver and powder-coated steel ($140 at The Future Perfect). A magnet hidden inside the ring keeps the red key attached… and can also attract other stuff.

V is for vinyl

Is your Valentine into vinyl? The portable Briefcase USB Turntable from Crosby ($129 at Urban Outfitters) will let her take her records on the go. The belt-drive turntable plays records at 33, 45 and 78 RPM, and the system includes USB connectors so you can convert the old LPs into digital tunes.

Sound balloon

Sweet things come in tiny red packages. The Music Balloon Speaker ($45) by Yuen'To Design is a 2-inch rechargeable speaker that plugs into an MP3 player, computer or phone. If your Valentine has a quirky sense of humor, check out the Speak-er ($100), a set of polished white speakers that plug into a computer or MP3 player. Both are available at The Future Perfect.

Mood maker

Set the mood with a LivingColors LED lamp from Phillips ($189 at Amazon.com ). Powered by seven LEDs, you can fill a room with whatever color light you choose -- there are 16 million colors possible, according to Phillips . You can control the intensity with the remote control. If you prefer a more dynamic setting, choose automatic mode and the light will cycle through all of its possible colors at a pace you set.

A splash of red

Add some life to your Valentine's workspace with a bold red desk lamp that just might remind her of you, every time she turns it on. The Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp designed by Michele Delucchi is a sleek option, made by Artemide of die-cast aluminum and steel. It's available from the MoMA Store -- but at $295 it's pricey. A less-expensive option from Ikea is the Barometer work lamp, for just $50.

Video Valentine

Cisco's Flip Video division makes it easy to pick the perfect Valentine-themed video camera. There are a whole slew of custom-colored Flip UltraHD and Flip MinoHD camcorders (starting at $150 for the UltraHD 4GB). Once you pick your favorite, you can record a personal video message to go along with the gift .

Camera ready

GE's Valentine-ready collection of digital cameras includes the pocket-sized DV1 , which lets you record HD 1080p movies and take photos ($130). It has an optical zoom for up-close videos and a flip-out USB plug for sharing videos and photos on the go. Another red-hued GE device is the A1255 , a 12-megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom lens ($100). Features include panorama capture, blink detection, and smile detection (the shutter automatically releases when a smile appears).

Tiffany cell phone charm

I'm not entirely sure why anyone would need a cell phone charm, but if I were choosing one, I'd look to the ultimate source for tasteful bling, Tiffany & Co. Designed by Paloma Picasso, the Groove cell phone accessory ($95) pairs sterling silver with blue rubber. For something a little more romantic, Tiffany's Heart cell phone charm ($125) suspends a pink enamel heart on a black cord.

Cell phone cozy

Vintage and vanguard collide in Jonathan Adler's padded cell phone case ($48). It's handmade from 100% wool needlepoint with a velvet back and snap closure. The grandma vibe is oddly endearing.

Do you heart Android?

Do you heart Android?

No Valentine's Day gift guide is complete without a stuffed animal, and this one's aimed at the Android lovers out there. The Android Plush Robot ($10 at ThinkGeek) has a movable head and arms, and it's sized for snuggling.

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