Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Quest, EMC, Websense, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Quest, EMC, Websense, among others.

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XebiaLabs\' Deployit

Product name: Deployit 3.0

Key features: Deployit 3.0 boosts productivity for DevOps teams by eliminating deployment bottlenecks. New features include a user-friendly GUI, Python command-line interface, Maven plugin, and the ability to work with large and complex multi-platform environments. More info.

Quest\'s vRanger Pro and Standard Edition

Product: vRanger Pro and Standard Edition

Key features: VRanger speeds VMware backup and replication while dramatically reducing storage needs. For VMware environments, it simplifies protection with one-pass backup and replication, while supporting granular restore for files, objects and applications. More info.

Wanova\'s Mirage 2.0

Product: Mirage 2.0

Key features: Wanova has updated Mirage 2.0 with enterprise-grade scalability, branch optimization, and desktop support capabilities. Mirage is now equipped to seamlessly handle Windows 7 migration with the manageability of VDI and the flexibility of traditional laptops. More info.

Backupify One-Click Restore for Google Apps

Product: Backupify One-Click Restore for Google Apps

Key features: Instantly restores critical business data stored in Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Contacts accounts.Further pricing: Free for single accounts under 2GB; $5 to $20 per month for business accounts. More info.

Xceedium GateKeeper 5.2.1

Product: Xceedium GateKeeper 5.2.1

Key features: Enterprises and government agencies use the Xceedium GateKeeper to control, contain and audit the activity of privileged users, inside and outside the network. Version 5.2.1 streamlines access by privileged users who are connecting remotely to a network through an SSL VPN. Once a user has authenticated to the SSL VPN, Xceedium GateKeeper transparently picks up their credentials and uses them to authenticate the user to the GateKeeper and initialize their access policy. The GateKeeper now includes tight integration with the dominant remote access security solutions — Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances, F5 FirePass SSL VPN and Juniper SA Series SSL VPN Appliances. More info.

Spectorsoft\'s viziSafe

Product name: viziSafe

Key features: Enterprise Internet monitoring and analysis software that provides IT insurance through an "early warning system" that captures, records, and analyzes employees' computer and Internet activity. More info.

EMC\'s RSA Archer eGRC Management Platform

Product name: RSA Archer eGRC Management Platform

Key features: The new platform enhances and unifies EMC's existing eGRC (governance, risk management and compliance) strategy through its new user interface, increased visibility, improved analytics, updated internationalization and globalization, and updated third-party integration. Further pricing: The Enterprise license is offered per solution at $50,000 for an unlimited number of user licenses. The Per User license begins at $30,000 with a minimum of 25 users. More info.

Websense\'s Triton Security Gateway Anywhere

Product name: Triton Security Gateway Anywhere

Key features: An on-premises appliance that also includes cloud-based filtering for a hybrid approach, the product combines Web, e-mail and data-loss prevention  security. Two other related products include Email Security Gateway Anywhere and a packaged bundle, Triton Enterprise. More info.

AppRiver\'s SecureSurf

Product name: SecureSurf

Key features: AppRiver's SecureSurf is an easy-to-deploy hosted solution that protects companies against online threats by incorporating security information from a number of sources, including AppRiver's spam filtering service. The SecureSurf process checks targeted Web sites against a continuously updated list of Web sites known to distribute malware or viruses, or that contain pornography and other objectionable content. Additionally, SecureSurf allows companies to establish thorough Web surfing policies, monitor Web usage and create whitelists of known good sites. More info .

DataCore\'s SANsymphony-V

Product name: SANsymphony-V

Key features: DataCore's SANsymphony-V is a storage virtualization software product that helps enterprises eliminate storage-related barriers to realizing the financial and operational goals of virtualization initiatives. More info.

Gigaspace\'s eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 8.0

Product name: eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 8.0

Key features: XAP 8.0 is an end-to-end virtualized application platform that allows for processing and messaging services within the same in-memory data grid. It provides end-to-end, continuous scalability; complete API openness; and elastic middleware across the entire application stack. It supports operations across the cloud and data centers simultaneously. More info.

Firehost\'s Security View

Product name: Security View

Key features: Security View feature is part of FireHost's customer portal, and allows customers see blocked attacks against their Web sites & applications. Hacks can be seen by type, date, and originating region. Further pricing: FireHost's hosting pricing is transparent to the customer, starts at $200 per month and includes the company's managed protection (Redundant Firewalls, Redundant Web Application Protection, Redundant DoS/DDoS Mitigation). More info.

3X RBA Enterprise Series

Product name: 3X RBA Enterprise Series

Key features: Secure, remote backup appliance for up to 300 users, with RAID 5, 10TB of useable storage capacity, de-duplication, encryption, virtualization support, bare metal recovery and Exchange recovery. More info.

Barracuda Web Security Flex

Product name: Barracuda Web Security Flex

Key features: Hybrid Web security solution that unifies SaaS, appliance and remote filtering deployment options under single management and reporting portal, and is delivered via an all-inclusive prix fixe pricing model to protect onsite and remote users. More info.

Emulex\'s OneConnect OCe11000 family of Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs)

Product name: OneConnect OCe11000 family of Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs)

Key features: Utilizing new BE3 10GbE IOCs, these Converged Network Adapters reduce power consumption up to 25%, and support VEPA and VEB standards. Implementation of SR-IOV enables IT managers to run more virtual machines, faster. More info.

RingCube vDesk VDI Edition

Product name: vDesk VDI Edition

Key features: Maximizing an organization's VDI user base by rolling out VDI faster and more efficiently, reducing VDI infrastructure costs and lowering VDI's cost per user and increasing ROI. More info.

Tufin Security Suite 5.3

Product name: Tufin Security Suite 5.3

Key features: The first solution that provides seamless, comprehensive operations management and auditing for next-generation and network-layer firewalls – including delivering a wide variety of views, policy analysis queries, and compliance audit reports. More info.

Thin Print\'s Personal Printing Essentials

Product name: Personal Printing Essentials

Key features: Provides user-authenticated (via a smartcard or BlackBerry and QR barcode), secure and cost-effective printing. The solution is manufacturer-independent and suitable for printing sensitive documents. More info.

nCircle Benchmark

Product name: nCircle Benchmark

Key features: The first security and compliance benchmarking service that enables organizations to compare the performance of their entire IT security ecosystem against their own goals and the performance of industry peers. More info.

SenSage 4.6

Product name: SenSage 4.6

Key features: The most scalable and flexible SIEM and Log Management. Open Security Intelligence for proactive security posture, compliance. OBBC/JDBC interface and API for sophisticated analytics and dashboards. Supports any data source. More info.

Xiotech\'s Hybrid ISE

Product name: Hybrid ISE

Key features: Integrating HDDs and SSDs into a storage pool, Hybrid ISE offers 100% usable capacity, and thanks to Continuous Adaptive Data Placement technology, delivers intelligent, automated tiering for consistent high performance. More info.

Lancope\'s StealthWatch 6.0

Product name: StealthWatch 6.0

Key features: StealthWatch 6.0 is a new solution for flow-based security, network and application performance monitoring. It leverages NetFlow, sFlow and other flow data to extend visibility into the application layer. More info.