Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Radvision, HP, Sixnet, among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Radvision, HP, Sixnet, among others.

Altor 4.0

Product name: Altor 4.0

Key features: Altor 4.0 security software for virtual and cloud environments inventories applications and virtual machines and assesses the risk states of individual VMs. It detects unauthorized changes to VMs and can quarantine just those VMs that violate policies while sending alerts about those violations. Altor 4.0 inspects traffic in and out of VMs, and can create zones of trust to isolate groups of VMs from other groups or to limit communications between them.

StoneGate IPS-1205

Product: StoneGate IPS-1205

Key features: StoneGate IPS-1205 is designed for finding and blocking internal threats in corporate networks, particularly data centers. It has 2Gbps throughput, supports 1.3 million concurrent connections and can proxy SSL traffic for inspection. The device fits in the midrange of StoneGate IPS models as measured by throughput.

Radvision\'s SCOPIA Elite MCU

Product: SCOPIA Elite MCU

Key features: The SCOPIA Elite MCU can blend together telepresence systems made by Cisco/Tandberg, Logitech/LifeSize and Polycom, helping to enable conferences between businesses. Participants can independently view previous slides that have been presented during the conference, and the data can be pushed to mobile devices such as smartphones that have tapped into the conference.

Asigra Cloud Backup v10

Product: Asigra Cloud Backup v10

Key features: Backup and recovery platform allows offsite backup to service providers or backup to local machines, while working with physical and virtual servers, and allowing backup of laptops and a variety of enterprise apps such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. More info.

HP\'s V1410 Switch Series

Product: V1410 Switch Series

Key features: New switches for SMB customers are available in fixed-configuration designs with eight, 16 or 24 ports of 10/100/1000Mbps, and are more energy efficient than the previous version. More info.

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Vycon\'s Direct Connect VDC-XE UPS

Product name: Direct Connect VDC-XE UPS

Key features: The VDC-XE flywheel UPS provides clean energy storage for enterprise networks and data centers. Providing 44% more energy storage, the VDC-XE, is virtually maintenance-free with a 20-year life. More info.

Sepaton\'s Secure Erasure

Product name: Secure Erasure

Key features: Secure Erasure is "a licensed option for Sepaton's S2100-ES2 data protection systems providing guaranteed, auditable erasure of information on virtual tape cartridges," the vendor says. "Secure Erasure enables storage administrators to schedule all or selected cartridges for a total data overwrite with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved data pattern for clearing or purging low, medium and high sensitivity data to ensure that no data can be retrieved from those tape cartridges." More info.

3VR ServerClass 100 SmartRecorder

Product name: 3VR ServerClass 100 SmartRecorder

Key features: The ServerClass SmartRecorder 100 for Retailers combines robust analytic power and enterprise scalability with 3VR's video management system, open platform and video search engine to empower retailers to conduct more efficient investigations, transition to IP and drive improved operations and business intelligence. The ServerClass 100 supports the transition to IP with capacity for more cameras of almost any kind as well as robust storage capabilities to meet the needs of the most demanding retail environments. More info.

Laplink\'s PCmover Image Assistant

Product name: PCmover Image Assistant

Key features: Software restores disk images or contents of a hard drive to a computer running a different operating system, without overwriting any data on the new PC. For example, PCmover can restore a Windows XP or Vista image to a computer running Windows 7, without wiping out the Windows 7 installation. More info.

Sixnet\'s EL DIN-rail industrial Ethernet managed switches

Product name: EL DIN-rail industrial Ethernet managed switches

Key features: Designed for industrial uses like smart grid, traffic control, railway, maritime and other harsh environments but with a full set of enterprise features. Up to 12 fiber-optic ports – for noise immunity; DIN rail or direct panel mounting; IEC 61850 / IEEE 1613 compliance. More info.

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