Six IT Tools Picks for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


Apple's iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) are wonderful gadgets. There's an undeniable polish and sophistication to Apple hardware and software engineering that makes these iThings delightful to use. And even if you don't like them, it's probable that they are relentlessly creeping into your IT environment (and probably into your own pocket as well). I've been looking at cool IT-oriented products for these insidious devices and this week I've got a few tools that may be useful to you …

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SugarSync is a powerful file synchronizer and backup system that can sync multiple devices on multiple platforms that includes not only iOS-based devices but also devices running Windows, OS X, Android, and BlackBerry OS.

Mocha VNC

Mocha VNC , published by MochaSoft, is a remote desktop viewing application that implements the same functionality on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (it's also available for Android, Windows, Blackberry OS, and Palm OS) and is based on the well-known open source tool, VNC.


RoamBi , published by MeLLmo, is an amazing tool for creating and viewing interactive data presentations on iThings. Although this app looks amazing on the iPhone and iPod Touch, on the iPad it's gorgeous because of the greater screen real estate.

Dragon Dictation

Nuance's free Dragon Dictation is an app that will perform speech to text translation on your iThing without training (which is pretty remarkable) and with impressive accuracy.

IT Tools

IT Tools ($4.99) by Kevin Koltzau provides traceroute, DNS lookup, ping, routing tables, ARP tables, interface statistics, and a list of active connections. IPv6 is also fully supported including reverse DNS.


Vtrace is a graphical traceroute by Vlad Alexa that displays its results on a Google Maps map as "pins" connected by lines color-coded according to the link's latency.

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