25 hot products from new IT companies

High-tech products from Network World?s Startups to Watc

Network World's 25 New IT Companies to Watch are building a broad array of new IT products for the cloud computing and virtualization age. Here’s a look at the 25 new IT companies and the technologies they're offering.

Company: Actifio

Technology name: Actifio Data Management Virtualization

Description: Actifio is attempting to simplify disaster recovery and data protection with software that combines storage virtualization with several other capabilities. The software integrates capacity management with data de-duplication, compression, encryption and network optimization to automate the copy, store, move and restore operations, while helping IT deliver a service catalog with defined SLAs.

More info: www.actifio.com

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Company: Akiban

Technology name: AkibanDB

Description: Akiban has created database virtualization software that improves performance of SQL applications, in an attempt to solve the problems that lead customers to "NoSQL" products. The goal is to preserve investments in SQL-based applications by restructuring the way data is organized and accessed with "predictive caching" and other techniques that relieve bottlenecks caused by random access calls and join operations.

More info: http://www.akiban.com/

Company: AppDynamics

Technology name: AppDynamics Lite, Standard and Cloud editions

Description: AppDynamics software manages the performance of distributed Java and .NET applications, making it easier for IT pros to identify and fix problems in Web apps. While a free version is available, the more expensive versions can also manage applications hosted in Amazon EC2 and VMware cloud infrastructures.

More info: http://www.appdynamics.com/

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Company: AppFirst

Technology name: AppFirst

Description: AppFirst's software-as-a-service product provides IT pros with visibility into applications, identifying the server, server processes and activities causing performance problems. AppFirst says its service can analyze the "behavior and performance of applications across the entire application stack, regardless of language, application type or location (cloud, physical or virtual servers)."

More info: http://appfirst.com/

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Company: Aryaka

Technology name: Aryaka

Description: A cloud-based application acceleration and WAN optimization platform, Aryaka uses TCP optimization, bandwidth scaling techniques, and application proxies to improve app performance and reduce bandwidth needs. Aryaka also boasts "enterprise-grade IPSec security."

More info: http://www.aryaka.com/technology/overview

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Company: Cirtas

Technology name: Bluejet Cloud Storage Controller

Description: Cirtas has built a 2U appliance that caches high-priority data locally and stores secondary data in cloud services using WAN optimization technology, letting customers access cloud storage with performance and security in mind. The appliance combines DRAM, solid state drives (SSDs) and 7200RPM hard disk drives for multiple tiers of storage and up to 3.5TB of internal capacity.

More info: http://www.cirtas.com/

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Company: Cloud.com

Technology name: CloudStack

Description: With a domain name perfect for the cloud computing age, Cloud.com offers open source software that helps service providers and enterprises turn physical and virtual resources into cloud computing services. CloudStack goes "beyond individual virtual machine images," providing the tools to build, deploy and manage multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud applications, the company says. While the open source version is free to use, Cloud.com offers additional features and commercial support to paying customers.

More info: http://cloud.com/main/

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Company: CloudFlare

Technology name: CloudFlare Pro

Description: CloudFlare has built a content delivery network that acts as a cloud-based firewall while also improving Web site performance. The CDN improves page load times by routing traffic through an "intelligent global network," while blocking threats and limiting bots and crawlers to improve security and decrease stress on bandwidth and server resources. The enterprise version of CloudFlare won't be available until Q4 2011.

More info: http://www.cloudflare.com/

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Company: Delphix Corp.

Technology name: Delphix Server

Description: Delphix Server is database virtualization, storage optimization and management software designed to improve efficiency of storage used by Oracle and other databases. Delphix uses "intelligent block management, intelligent block sizing, compression, de-duplication, and database filtering technologies" to reduce storage needs, and reduces time needed for database provisioning and refreshes without disrupting production systems. Delphix itself installs on an x86 server or virtual machine; database servers such as Oracle "simply see Delphix Server as a storage target."

More info: www.delphix.com

Company: Gridiron Systems

Technology name: Gridiron TurboCharger

Description: The Gridiron Systems appliance is a SAN application accelerator designed for large databases, VMware deployments and file acceleration. Gridiron uses MLC (multi-level cell) flash chips to provide "the performance and read/write ability of RAM with the capacity of Flash," speeding up access to application data sets.

More info: www.gridironsystems.com

Company: Infineta Systems

Technology name: Velocity Dedupe Engine

Description: Infineta's WAN traffic acceleration uses de-duplication and other techniques to reduce the network traffic going over WAN links by up 80% or 90%, as well as transport layer optimizations and a prioritization engine to ensure that critical traffic is accelerated. The technology supports 10Gbps connections and could speed up, for example, live migrations of virtual machines from one data center to another.

More info: http://www.infineta.com/

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Company: JouleX

Technology name: JouleX Energy Manager

Description: JouleX automatically discovers all network-connected devices, and then reduces energy costs by monitoring and analyzing their usage, all without requiring installation of agents on each device. While other power management vendors focus on PCs and servers, JouleX looks at essentially any device controlled by a computer, whether they are lighting systems, HVAC, VoIP phones or wireless access points.

More info: http://www.joulex.net/

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Company: LightSquared

Technology name: 4G-LTE wireless broadband network

Description: LightSquared is building an LTE-based 4G wireless broadband network that will be integrated with satellite coverage, for devices such as data cards, personal hotspots, routers and smartphones. LightSquared services will debut next year in Denver, Baltimore, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Satellite coverage will extend nationwide, and the wireless broadband network is expected to cover at least 92% of U.S. consumers by 2015.

More info: http://www.lightsquared.com/

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Company: Membase (formerly known as NorthScale)

Technology name: Membase Server

Description: Membase offers a NoSQL database management system that includes and builds upon Memcached, a distributed memory caching system that's widely used by many large Web properties. Membase Server, a commercial distribution of open source software that's already powering the online game "Farmville," is designed to improve scalability and performance of Web apps while reducing the complexity of data management.

More info: www.membase.com

Company: Nicira Networks

Technology name: Network Virtualization Platform

Description: Backed financially by VMware co-founder Diane Greene, Nicira is developing a patent-pending network operating system designed to manage and secure networks, particularly for cloud deployments. Nicira says it aims "to free data center networks from the tyranny of inflexibility, complexity, vendor stranglehold, and high costs," with a system that decouples network control from the underlying physical hardware. Nicira is still in stealth mode, but says it intends to virtualize the network infrastructure in much the same way VMware virtualized servers.

More info: www.nicira.com

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Company: Nimble Storage

Technology name: CS-Series

Description: Nimble's converged iSCSI storage, backup and disaster recovery products combine fast SSD storage with inexpensive SATA drives to give customers primary and backup storage in one device, while also providing offsite replication. Nimble improves storage efficiency with thin provisioning and other features, and is optimized for VMware virtualization deployments and Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server.

More info: http://www.nimblestorage.com/

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Company: Nimbula

Technology name: Nimbula Director

Description: Founded by Chris Pinkham, lead developer of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, Nimbula's software automatically organizes virtual servers into an Amazon-like private cloud that operates behind the enterprise firewall. Nimbula's "cloud operating system" provides multi-tenancy and authorization services, and allows secure access to both private and public clouds. Businesses that use Nimbula Director will be able to offer virtual machine instances in any flavor they like, from Linux to Windows, while setting policies that determine how much compute and storage capacity VMs can consume.

More info: http://nimbula.com/

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Company: Oxygen Cloud (subsidiary of LeapFILE)

Technology name: Oxygen Cloud

Description: Oxygen Cloud, a spinoff of the vendor LeapFILE, takes secure enterprise file transfer technologies and applies them to cloud storage services. The service will connect "all people, data and devices to a single file system," while applying AES 256-bit encryption to data in transit both in the cloud and on local devices, and allowing remote data wipes. With Oxygen Cloud, enterprises can build a "hybrid storage solution" combining different public and private clouds, giving employees an easy way to store and collaborate on files without sacrificing security.

More info: http://www.oxygencloud.com/

Company: SeaMicro

Technology name: SM10000

Description: Backed by a $9.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, SeaMicro is trying to solve the problem of power usage in Internet-scale data centers, with new servers designed to consume 75% less power and space than traditional machines. SeaMicro machines use 512 low-power Intel Atom processors connected by a fabric that provides throughput of 1.28 terabits per second, along with a design that decreases the number of motherboard components by 90%

More info: http://www.seamicro.com/

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Company: Smooth-Stone

Technology: Servers based on low-power mobile phone processors

Description: A stealth-mode company with $48 million in venture funding, Smooth-Stone -- the name is a reference to David vs. Goliath -- is building low-power alternatives to Intel and AMD chips that use mobile phone microprocessors to lower the energy requirements of servers. The use of smartphone chips introduces limitations in terms of software and calculating speeds, but power savings could justify the performance limitations for data centers struggling to overcome space and energy roadblocks.

More info: http://www.smooth-stone.com/

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Company: Translattice

Technology name: Translattice

Description: Translattice's goal is to improve access to applications and data, particularly for distributed and mobile workers, with a physical appliance fueled by a distributed relational SQL database that moves data closer to where it is likely to be used. "The Translattice platform is a distributed global application architecture that anticipates workers' application and data needs based on organizational policy and past usage, delivering the information when and where it is needed," the company says, adding that these benefits can be extended "even to small and remote offices."

More info: http://www.translattice.com/products.html

Company: Truedomain

Technology name: Truedomain Antiphishing Network

Description: Truedomain's cloud-based e-mail authentication service is designed to protect legitimate domain names from being used for fraud, blocking phishing e-mails sent out by attackers who exploit the domain names of real businesses to try to trick e-mail recipients. Truedomain relies on industry standards such as DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and SPF (Sender Policy Framework), and provides reporting and analytics tools "to give e-mail senders direct insight into e-mail authentication results, phishing and spoofing activity and delivery performance."

More info: http://www.truedomain.net/Home.html

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Company : Virident

Technology name: tachIOn

Description: Virident makes a PCIe SSD storage system that delivers low-latency data access for I/O-intensive applications, such as databases. Virident isn't the first startup in this market, but is claiming to offer faster performance with at least 200,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second), and disk lifetime of 24 years, assuming 5TB worth of writes per day.

More info: http://www.virident.com/products.php

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Company: Virsto

Technology name: Virsto One

Description: Virsto speeds up access to data in virtualized data centers, particularly those relying upon Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor. Virsto's storage virtualization software installs into the hypervisor and manages its interaction with storage, improving the efficiency of data access operations in an attempt to eliminate the I/O bottlenecks caused when virtual servers try to access storage systems.

More info: www.virsto.com

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Company: ZeRTO

Technology name: ZeRTO business continuity and disaster recovery

Description : Still in stealth mode, ZeRTO is revealing little more than that it is developing a disaster recovery/business continuity product aimed at the needs of virtualized, mission critical applications and cloud deployments. CEO Ziv Kedem previously co-founded Kashya, a company acquired by EMC and turned into EMC’s RecoverPoint data protection and remote replication product.

More info: http://www.zerto.com/

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