7 ways to exercise without leaving your desk

Turn sedentary work time into a workout opportunity

Trapped at your desk for hours on end? Why not keep things active. We've found all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that can help you turn sedentary work time into a workout opportunity.

Restless office dwellers might like this one: The Webble is an "active footrest" that lets you keep your feet and legs moving, even while you'e seated. The $150 footrest slides on four casters. But don't even think about using it as a skateboard. For safety reasons, the Webble has a mechanism that retracts the casters when you stand on it. More info.

The principal behind the Xtensor is fairly straightforward: If you use your hands repetitively -- whether for data entry, application development, tennis or playing a musical instrument -- you can likely benefit from exercising your hands in the opposite direction. This $39.95 hand fitness trainer slips on like a glove with elastic bands that strap to each fingertip (it fits either hand). When you flex your hand in the opposite direction of its typical motion, you can strengthen underused muscles and increase the flexibility of your overworked muscles. More info.

If you're really serious about burning calories while you're desk-bound, check out the Steelcase Walkstation. The integrated treadmill-plus-desk combines an adjustable work surface with a commercial-grade treadmill. You can choose from six standard desk sizes and shapes. Prices start at about $4,200.

If you already have your own treadmill at home, TrekDesk can help you turn it into a workstation. The $479 device attaches to a treadmill so you can walk while you work. The work surface is 72 by 34 inches and the support legs can be adjusted depending on the height you need. It has file trays, cup holders and a manuscript holder, plus it folds up for storage when you're not using it. More info.

The Dynaflex PowerBall Gyro ($42.95) delivers a workout for your hand, wrist and arm -- plus a light show. It's designed to strengthen your grip, tone your arms and wrists and increase flexibility. The PowerBall generates 40lbs of torque with speeds up to 15,000 RPM. Once you set it in motion, LED lights flash faster as the Gyro gains speed. More info .

Ball Dynamics' FitBALL can be used as an office chair either on its own or with the company's FitBALL Holder, which helps keep the ball in place when you get up. FitBALL exercise balls cost between $22 and $42. The FitBALL Holder sells for $16.95. More info.

How about a pair of fitness shoes to add a little muscle-toning to your workday? Shoemaker Skechers offers a whole line of Shape-ups shoes that are designed to help tone your muscles and improve circulation. These lace-up toning sneakers have an unusual sculpted sole that absorbs shock and provides an "exercising effect," the company says. Several styles are available for men and women (pictured is the $110 Men's Shape-Ups X T Regimen style). More info.

How do you stay fit at work? Send us your ideas.