Sorting through e-mail archiving tools

Barracuda leads the way in 11-vendor test

In addition to performing basic e-mail archiving, we found that these tools can have other benefits. Archiving systems can save space on enterprise mail servers by moving older messages and attachments to inexpensive storage, leaving behind a 'stub' or placeholder.


Bottom line: The Barracuda appliance delivers excellent scalability, a good feature set, and a low price per user.


Bottom line: Deepinvent offers a very simple installation, SMB-oriented features and good pricing.


Bottom line: For small and midsized businesses looking for the best value, GFI offers low prices, a good feature set, and a product that can grow with an organization.


Bottom line: Jatheon offers the ease of installation of an appliance, with easy administration as well.


Bottom line: At the high end of the scale, MetaLogix offers a full set of features, great granularity, and excellent migration tools.


Bottom line: RedGate offers a small and mid-sized business product that focuses on disaster recovery.


Bottom line: And Symantec offers the most powerful product in this test, though also the most complex to set up and administer.


Bottom line: NearPoint offers the greatest degree of configurability, though with a greater complexity in administration.

ZL Unified Archive

Bottom line: ZL Unified Archive is a relative newcomer, with lots of features and a grid-based architecture for excellent scalability.

Archive one

Bottom line: ArchiveOne has a good mix of capability and scalability, with more installation effort.


Bottom line: DataCove offers the simplest installation, though with an upfront capital cost.

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