Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from ScriptLogic, Avere Systems, Eaton Corporation among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from ScriptLogic, Avere Systems, Eaton Corporation among others.


Product: Perspective

Manufacturer: ScriptLogic

Price: $1,995 for 50 devices

Availability: Now

Key features: Support for network-based services and remote offices; monitoring of virtual and cloud networks; and comprehensive reporting, alerting and setting of performance baselines. . More info.

FXT 2700

Product: FXT 2700

Manufacturer: Avere Systems

Price: $82,500

Availability: Now

Key features: Tiered NAS appliance uses flash-based solid-state drives to improve performance for demanding applications, “such as 3D rendering, chip design and other CAD/CAE applications, database acceleration and seismic data analysis for the oil and gas industry, to name a few,” the company says. The system provides up to 13TB of flash across a 25-node cluster. More info.

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 6.15

Product: GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 6.15

Manufacturer: GroundWork Open Source

Price: $49 for up to 100 devices for one year

Availabilty: Now

Key features: Enables direct Web links to specific service groups, services, host groups and hosts within the portal application, which provides ‘one-click’ navigation back to the exact component experiencing a problem; includes tighter integration between the event view and state-oriented views, reducing the time to diagnose a problem anywhere in the monitored environment; and now supports Ubuntu Server 8.8.04 LTS and 9.10. More info.

Eaton 5130 UPS, 1000 kVA model

Product: Eaton 5130 UPS, 1000 kVA model

Manufacturer: Eaton Corporation

Price: $694

Availablilty: Now

Key features: The Eaton 5130 UPS 1000 kVA model is specifically designed for protecting IT systems, as well as VoIP and EDGE/3G/WiMAX wireless networking equipment, against damaging power fluctuations and outages. More info.

Brooklyn for Nagios

Product: Brooklyn for Nagios

Manufacturer: GroundWorkOpen Source

Price: $8.99

Availability: Now

Key features: Built to integrate directly with Nagios and GroundWork engines; leverages both VPN and SSL connections; includes interface that reduces scrolling and expedites scanning for information; and permits click-through actions that drive the console remotely. More info.

Continuous Availability Director

Product name: Continuous Availability Director

Key features: A new piece of Neverfail's disaster recovery and business continuity software lineup, the Continuous Availability Director provides a single management console for all critical applications. Features include a "business-Centric view of business systems, underlying application servers and their interdependencies," "detailed graphical representation of switchover, [and] failover status progress," and "simplified visualization and configuration of alerts.” More info .

Code Green Networks TrueDLP 7.0

Product name: Code Green Networks TrueDLP 7.0

Key features: An enterprise data loss prevention solution--TrueDLP 7.0 builds upon the existing TrueDLP architecture and adds significant discovery features that will appeal to any organization needing to protect sensitive information. More info.

EnCase® eDiscovery v4

Product name: EnCase® eDiscovery v4

Key features: EnCase® eDiscovery provides legal and IT with one integrated software solution for all the functionality needed for in-house eDiscovery. Unique Early Case Assessment and new analysis and First-Pass Review capabilities can be utilized at any stage of the discovery process so companies can rapidly understand case facts, better prepare for meet and confer conferences, and reduce data sets prior to outside review — reducing risk and lower costs. More info.