10 funny April Fools' pranks ? Web styl

Our top 10 list of the Web-based April Fools? pranks of 2009 should give you something to consider ? and look out for -- as April 1, 2010, approache


Sitepoint.com posted an alert that the Internet would reboot and be offline for one minute. The site claimed that a consortium of ISP and technology companies requested the action to correct periods of instability

The Guardian

Venerable UK print news source The Guardian announces it will cease its printed product after 188 years of publication and opt for news dissemination via Twitter only. In explaining its rationale, The Guardian stated that it was looking to harness the immediacy of social "tweets" for news gathering; and that any story can be told in 140 characters or less.


Page view analytics company Woopra announces that it will now allow customers to actually see Web site visitors through their Webcams. Woopra said the capability "levels the playing field" by enabling companies to gain "unprecedented visibility" into user demographics and preferences.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services , a pioneer in cloud computing, announces cloud computing services that are literally up in the clouds. The company's Floating Amazon Cloud Environment (FACE) uses unmanned helium-filled blimps to carry computing resources to customers.


MySwitzerland.com announces career opportunities for mountain cleaners. Renowned worldwide for its mountainous visual splendor, the Swiss Alps are nonetheless ravaged by unsightly bird droppings. This tourism Web site announces immediate openings for people willing to scale the peaks to clean up after the winged offenders.


Kodak unveils an eye camera . This monocle-like contraption features a WYSIWYG ViewFinder, a facial recall assistant useful for parties and reunions, a Wink and Shoot shutter, and digital X-Ray vision, among other features.

Natural Golf

A parody site of the official White House Web page announces that President Obama has discovered the virtues of "Natural Golf" in an effort to improve his golf game. Other links in the site offer White House sleepovers, weekends at Camp David, dining at the White House and other goodies to make the commander in chief residence sound like an exotic resort.


The whole Wikipedia main page was a hoax on April 1, 2009. Its feature article was on the Museum of Bad Art in suburban Boston (which actually exists), and news bits included NASA spotting a shower of diamonds over Sudan. Meanwhile, it noted the release of 670,000 gremlins in North America as an anniversary event.


The Web site Netcraft – an Internet services and security site – noted that security issues were driving users of Internet Explorer and Firefox to the "Lynx" browser. The site's "research" showed a pie chart depicting 51% of browser users at the First National Bank of Oki Koki opting for Lynx over any other browser.


The Web site prettymuchamazing.com reports that the rock band Radiohead has agreed to cover a Miley Cyrus song to appease the Disney diva after dissing her at the Grammy's. As any rock fan knows, Radiohead leader Thom Yorke would likely off himself before covering anyone else's material, much less Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus's.

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