The 8 best iPad apps -- so far

1Password encrypts, stores and organizes your passwords and other private information, and automates logins for Web sites and other Internet services.

If you find an article that you don't have time to read, simply click a bookmarklet, and that article is instantly saved. Later, you can call up your queue of to-be-read articles on Instapaper .

Amazon's Kindle e-book app lets you buy and download books from Amazon's Kindle store and read them on any device.

If you're a Netflix fan, this one is a must -- an app that lets you watch streaming movies and TV shows from your Netflix queues on your iPad.

Apple's Pages is a fully functional slimmed-down word processor that has all the basic capabilities you expect.

TweetDeck is a version of the free desktop client that's popular among Twitter power users, including the familiar multi-column view.

Things keeps to-do lists with start and due dates, and organizes those lists into projects, areas of responsibility, next actions and more.

The Weather Channel's free app is a candy store for weather geeks. You can use it not only to check your local forecast, but to find out the day's sunrise and sunset times.

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