10 must-have March Madness iPhone apps

Prepare for the tournament (or your office pool) with these handy iPhone apps

The annual NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament will be upon us soon, creating many new office pools and creating productivity drains around the world as people try to figure out whether Gonzaga can beat Georgia. Get a jump on the madness with these 10 must-have iPhone apps.

CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand

CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand ($9.99): Watch live video of 63 NCAA tournament games via EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi on the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition, the app includes scores, news and a real-time scrollable tournament bracket, along with video highlights of every game, game previews, matchup comparisons and player stats. You can also access brackets created on CBSSports.com and follow your picks. The LITE version offers everything except the live video.

CBS Sports Mobile

CBS Sports Mobile (Free): Sports scores and news for more than just college basketball, this free app includes news updates as well. Great if you just need to check a score or quick stats. You probably already own this if you are a sports fan.

Sportacular Pro

Sportacular Pro ($1.99): One of the original sports score apps on the iPhone, the pro version eliminates banner ads, or you can just get the free version if you don't mind the ads. Offers scores for NCAA basketball (men's and women's), as well as the major pro sports, both here and around the world (especially soccer).

Hooplytics 2010

Hooplytics 2010 ($1.99): If you don't know a Tar Heel from an Orangeman but want help filling out your bracket, this app can help. Pick two teams and the app simulates 1,000 games between them to provide a statistic-based prediction of a possible winner.

99 ? Basketbal

99 – Basketball ($0.99): This "book" app provides you with 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Filling Out Your Hoops Bracket, offering tips and suggestions for the office pool maniac. At $0.99, might be worth perusing before you choose that #1 vs. #16 upset.

ESPN Streak for the Cash

ESPN Streak for the Cash (Free): This game lets you put your prediction talents to the test and see if you can build the longest streak of correct picks from a daily list of matchups. Sure to include NCAA basketball games once they start playing.

March Brackets

March Brackets ($0.99): create your own tournament brackets with updated scoring results. Lets you pick your own scoring system, and the brackets will be updated with the correct score based on your points system.

PocketBracket: College Basketball Tournament

PocketBracket: College Basketball Tournament ($0.99): Lets you create unlimited tournament brackets, organize pools, and get ranked among other members of the PocketBracket Network. Keeps track of bracket results, stats and game scores.


Bracketbuddy ($0.99): Create your own tournament brackets by choosing the type (single, double, round robin, etc.), enter teams and the app does the rest. The app supports up to 16 teams, and includes byes.

College Fight Songs ? Authentic Version

College Fight Songs – Authentic Versions (Free): If you're looking for the official college fight song for your college (if you're too old to remember it or weren't paying attention), this app will let you know what it is, and then point to it on iTunes for you to download the officially approved version. Apparently many iTunes searches for college fight songs are done by third-party bands or others, so the app might be helpful if you're looking for a good one.