Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from CA, McAfee, HP among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from CA, McAfee, HP among others.

eeye Retina CS Compliance and Security

Key features: leverages Retina Security Scanner and Blink Endpoint Protection for workflow-based vulnerability management scanning and endpoint protection according to compliance requirements that include PCI, FISMA, SOX, GLB and by year-end, SCAP. More availability info.: year end for appliance version. More info.

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InDorse Image Assurance

Key features: InDIA embeds security policies onto any image, via an invisible or visible watermark. The policies travel with the image to the end user and automatically dictate who may view or alter. More info.

CA Encryption Key Manager

Key features: This z/OS-based software provides centralized lifecycle key management for CA and IBM tape encryption, with support for additional vendors expected in the future, to allow secure sharing of encryption keys across multiple sites and business partners, for back-up and disaster recovery. More info.

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Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2)

Key features: LiveCycle ES2 is Adobe’s enterprise offering for securely generating, capturing and exchanging business information using RIAs and automated processes, allowing organizations to deliver engaging enterprise applications across devices and channels. The Adobe LiveCycle ES2 cloud deployment option is expected to become available in early 2010. Further pricing info.: Pricing is typically based on a per CPU, per document, or per user metric. LiveCycle deployments typically start around $50,000 for smaller departmental deployments and can scale up to multi-million dollar enterprise-wide deployments with hundreds of thousands of users. More info.

Storage Fusion\'s Storage Resource Analysis

Key features: New version of Storage Fusion's software-as-a-service platform helps customers reclaim storage capacity with analytics tools that report on system utilization, capacity allocation and disk tiering. The service also includes a module that calculates power consumption of storage hardware at the individual drive level. More info.

StarWind 5.0

Key features: The fifth generation of StarWind's iSCSI SAN software package includes synchronous mirroring with automatic failover; failback with fast synchronization to restore working states from before a failure; remote replication across a WAN; continuous data protection and snapshots; and server clustering that supports Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V, VMware ESX and vSphere. More info.

McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance 5.5

Key features: Designed for small and midsized businesses, the appliance provides comprehensive e-mail and Web security in a single, integrated appliance and now includes new features and functionalities, including Artemis and TrustedSource technology integration. More info.

HP\'s X9000 Network Storage Systems

Key features: Using technology from the acquisition of file serving software vendor Ibrix , HP's new storage product line "enables customers with data-intensive operations to virtualize stored files and create a single pool that is instantly accessible," HP says. The product uses a parallel file system with a single namespace, allowing files to be stored in multiple physical locations while making it appear to users as though files are stored in one common space. More info.

Attachmate FileXpress

Key features: FileXpress enables the electronic delivery of large files to anyone, anywhere – regardless of platform. FileXpress delivers secure file exchanges over the Internet as well as the automated movement of files between systems within the data center. The product family includes: FileXpress Platform Server, FileXpress Internet Server and FileXpress Command Center. More info.

ArcSight Logger 4

Key features: Includes high-speed structured and unstructured data – such as instant messaging and e-mail logs -- collection of up to 42 terabytes; provides search and reporting capabilities with a Google-like interface; offers unified analysis across all types of data to simplify investigations; and supports secure storage and access standards, such as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Common Access Card (CAC). More info.

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Network Automation AutoMate BPA Server 7.1

Key features: Includes the ability to centrally control automation routines for both Windows and non-Windows machines. Further pricing info: About $1,500 for single-machine process automation; and roughly $6,000 for centralized management across multiple machines. More info.

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NetWitness NextGen 9.0

Key features: NetWitness NextGen Version 9.0 now supports collection on 10Gbps networks and features 802.11 wireless capture. It also includes "NetWitness Identity," which provides the ability to easily correlate IP addresses in network sessions to end-user directory credentials – fusing an organization's Active Directory to offer a real-time 4-1-1 lookup capability. As a result, security staff can link compromised machines and inappropriate network behavior to a user's actual identity. More info.

Lancope\'s StealthWatch FlowSensor AE

Key features: Extends StealthWatch's visibility into areas of the network that lack flow data or where traditional probe technology is cost-prohibitive; passively monitors all host and server communications as well as network traffic statistics; and translates statistics into lightweight "flow records," which are then sent to the StealthWatch Flow Collectors for detailed analysis. More info.

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 CA PC Tune-Up and PC Tune-Up Plus

Key features: Includes automated driver updates to keep PCs up-to-speed and up-to-date, registry repair features to correct systems errors and boost PC stability, memory optimizer feature to disable unnecessary start-up programs and Internet optimizer tools to speed up Internet connection. More info.

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Sentrigo\'s Hedgehog Enterprise v3.5

Key features: Hedgehog Enterprise v3.5 database activity monitoring solution now includes Application Mapping, which collects statistical information on databases and provides administrators with a simple interface to quickly turn these findings into a custom security policy. Priced by number of cores of database servers being monitored. More info.

Tufin Security Suite (TSS) 5.0

Key features: Tufin has released a set of 12 plug-ins, extending support of its firewall management solution across an extensive set of network and security devices from Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell and others. More info.

Raytheon\'s High-Speed Guard 3.0

Key features: Raytheon's High-Speed Guard firewall appliance provides a controlled network interface that reviews and releases sensitive data, while still maintaining transfer rates above other options. High-Speed Guard supports large computer systems with comparatively lower administrative costs.

 Tail-f ConfD 3.0

Key features: Allows developers to rapidly generate CLI, Web, SNMP, and NETCONF interfaces from a single data model, and provides a robust infrastructure to manage transactions, security and continuous availability. More info.

InfoVista 5View Service Data Manager 2.0

Key features: Collects service data records from multiple enterprise customers; manages the segmentation of data by customer and provides accurate service/application performance monitoring and reporting; and adds integrated software dubbed Application Response Manager to its network and application performance management platform for service providers. More info.

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