Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Sophos, McAfee, HP among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Sophos, McAfee, HP among others.


Key features: Varonis uses a unique meta-data layer to guide searches for sensitive information, producing results that come faster and are more actionable than traditional data classification solutions. More info.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection

Key features: This new edition includes data-loss prevention capabilities as well as the traditional antimalware protections, allowing companies to use DLP to monitor or block sensitive content at the desktop. More information.

Mac Endpoint Protection

Key features: Uses advanced protection technologies, including antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and application protection, to stop both Mac- and Windows-based threats designed to steal personal data and other sensitive information. More info.

IronKey D200

Key features: offers high performance, remote update capabilities and low total cost of ownership and is ideal for workers who store, transport and share large amounts of data. More info.

UPEK\'s Protector Suite 2009

Key features: Protector Suite 2009 fingerprint sensor software makes it easy to create, save and organize safe passwords and login to your computer, Web sites and applications. Now supports Windows 7. More info.

nuBridges Now Secures File Transfers with Exchange 3.0

Key features: NuBridges Exchange digitally transfers information within and across enterprises, reducing MFT costs and complexity, securing and auditing file transfer events, meeting regulations and easily sharing files within high-volume B2B communities. More info.

A10 Networks\' AX 5200

Key features: Five additions to A10 Networks' AX Series application delivery controllers are built on the vendor's new 64-bit architecture. The new models range from the AX 2500, which delivers 10Gbps throughput and costs $25,000, to the high-end AX 5200 (pictured), which offers 40Gbps throughput and costs $195,000. More info.

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Allot Communications NetEnforcer AC 5000

Key features: The NetEnforcer AC-5000 traffic management appliance delivers 10Gbps throughput and is compatible with 1Gigabit Ethernet and 10G Ethernet network infrastructures. It can identify hundreds of Internet protocols and applications, and apply traffic rules based on application priorities and corporate acceptable usage policies. More info.

Red Condor Archive

Key features: Red Condor Archive is a scalable, software-free service that provides automatic back-up of all inbound and outbound messages, supports all messaging systems and includes lifetime retention and unlimited storage. More pricing information: 5-500 Mailbox contract – yearly – 1 year = $40 per mailbox, monthly – 1 year = $3.50 per mailbox; 501-1000 – yearly – 1 year = $38.00 per mailbox, monthly – 1 year = $3.35 per mailbox. More info.

Websense Hosted Web Security Gateway

Key features: Improved malware reporting tracks both inbound and outbound botnet activity allowing organizations to not only identify infected individual user computers, but to measure overall performance of antimalware controls against Web threats. More info.

Network Instruments Observer

Key features: Reduces mean time to recovery through new solution-centric workflows, establishes automatic baselines of all performance and time-based metrics, monitors performance beyond response time with more applications, and expands NetFlow's high-level visibility to any network device. More info.

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HP Elastic Test

Key features: Pay-as-you-go service from HP uses the company's load testing and performance management software to help customers, such as online retailers, determine how well Web sites will handle peak traffic. The software shows online performance metrics and gives IT an understanding of the end-user experience, in addition to the overall health of the Web site. More info.

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McAfee Email Gateway 6.7.2

Key features: This updated version of the e-mail security appliance adds integrated encryption, plus it works with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management console. More info.


Key features: The 2010 edition of CA's flagship security software for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000 simplifies the user interface with less text and more graphics related to safe surfing, expands parental controls to instant messaging and peer-to-peer file-sharing, plus offers 2 free Gigabytes of online storage, along with a 50% smaller footprint for the software itself. More info.

Thales payShield 9000

Key features: Designed specifically to secure card payment systems, payShield 9000 is a tamper-resistant security platform that protects cryptographic keys and other sensitive information such as customer PINs and cardholder data. PayShield 9000 offers dual power supplies in a payment Hardware Security Modules supporting the needs of high-capacity infrastructures in security systems within data centers. It also processes up to 1,500 transactions per second. More info.

DeepNines iTrust Agent

Key features: DeepNines' iTrust Agent is a lightweight agent that is installed on a laptop and requires no end-user interaction, administration or updating, eliminating typical costly endpoint software issues. The iTrust Agent uses the industry's-first completely transparent, secure tunnel technology to ensure that all Web use is subject to the same policy enforcement and security from any location, including URL filtering, antivirus and antimalware, phishing attacks and more. More info.

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