Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Network Instruments, EMC, Wyse among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Network Instruments, EMC, Wyse among others.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10

Key features: Acronis' latest disaster-recovery product is "capable of backing up and restoring any Microsoft or Linux-based servers or workstations to their full operating state prior to any failure"; includes de-duplication to reduce storage needs; and has a new user interface from which backup tasks can be managed remotely, the company says. More info.

Greenview Data\'s RestorEmail

Key features: A new software-as-a-service e-mail archiving product, RestorEmail offers "real-time retrieval access for vital e-mail data to ensure business continuity [and] regulatory compliance and protection against catastrophic loss of e-mail data in the event of a disaster." There are two versions, a Business Continuity Edition that starts at $1 per user per month, and the E-mail Archiving Edition, which provides indefinite storage and retrieval for $4.50 per user per month. More info.

Napatech\'s NT4E In-line adapters

Key features: New adapters that support 1Gbps networks ensure fast throughput with zero packet loss, letting vendors of network appliances build high-performance products with standard servers. More info.

EMC\'s Ionix Application Discovery Manager

Key features: Provides continuous discovery and mapping of applications, their dependencies, and configurations with respect to their underlying infrastructure in data center environments. More info.

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Fastscale\'s Composer Suite 3.0 Enterprise Edition

Key features: FastScale's flagship product for building server software stacks is being updated with optimization tools that enable lightweight server builds with reduced memory, processor and disk usage; an editor that provides easy configuration and customization of logical servers; more robust configuration settings; a software repository enhanced to support cloud-based deployments; and dynamic provisioning that lets server builds be deployed to VMware, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, or bare-metal servers. More info.

Wyse\'s Virtual Desktop Accelerator

Key features: VDA accelerates network protocols to enhance the desktop virtualization experience for remote users, and will work with products such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View and Microsoft Terminal Services. "Working without specialized hardware, Wyse VDA complements existing remote desktop protocols, including Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP and VMware View, accelerating the experience to LAN-delivered levels," according to Wyse. "By reducing the impact of network latency, Wyse VDA eliminates the sluggish performance often associated with virtual desktops connected to remote data centers or public clouds." More info.

NitroView Enterprise Security Manager

Key features: NitroView ESM offers the performance and scalability needed for the collection, correlation and reporting of application content in addition to ordinary security events and logs, as well as real-time reporting. More info.

NitroView Application Protocol Monitor

Key features: NitroView APM monitors applications on the wire, providing visibility into the contents of hundreds of applications and protocols, for the detection of sensitive information in motion, or other policy violations. More info.

Virtual Computer\'s NxTop 1.1

Key features: Updates to this desktop virtualization software focus on improving backup performance, while giving IT managers the ability to control which aspects of the operating system image may be customized and retained by end users. Additional new features include improved wireless support, and simplified configuration and testing for Microsoft Active Directory. More info.

Paglo\'s Log Management

Key features: Software-as-a-service offering allows IT managers to capture, search, analyze and store network device and IT system logs for troubleshooting, security tracking, compliance reporting and Web application monitoring. More info.

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ManageEngine\'s VQManager 6.2

Key features: Provides VoIP quality monitoring by detecting and analyzing SIP, H.323 and Skinny protocols along with RTP and RTCP media, and monitors every call in real-time to provide VoIP engineers with a troubleshooting platform to diagnose and analyze VoIP performance degradations. More info.

KBOX Systems Management and Deployment Appliances

Key features: Provides Mac Imaging through K-Imaging technology, which eliminates redundancies in the capture, storage and deployment of disk images during systems provisioning; offers software metering support for the Mac, which helps companies manage license fees by analyzing software utilization; and includes policy-based configuration for Mac operating system that enforces application settings through pre-packaged policies and a scripting wizard. More info.

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Network Instruments\' GigaStor Portable

Key features: The all-in-one appliance analyzes traffic across multiple network topologies, including gigabit, 10G, WAN and wireless and contains Observer and GigaStor technology. The appliance also includes the required cabling, a dual quad-core processor and Windows XP Pro x64 systems built-in, a 15-inch active matrix display, a keyboard and a trackpad, and an option of 2T or 4TB of total storage. More info.

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Overland\'s REO Business Continuity Appliance

Key features: Designed for small- and midsized businesses, this appliance protects mission-critical applications as well as physical and virtual servers by providing continuous local backup and remote disaster recovery. The appliance "automates the reliable recovery of vital data and applications at both the local data center and remote disaster recovery sites by combining capacity-optimized replication technology with comprehensive application-aware failover and failback," according to Overland. More info.

Bluearc\'s Mercury storage servers

Key features: BlueArc's new network storage platform is designed for midrange customers who struggle with increasing volumes of unstructured, file-based data, and want to consolidate users, applications and storage systems. The storage servers include BlueArc's operating system and file system, and BlueArc has built bundles for channel partners that include the storage server, a hardware-based RAID controller, disk drives and all necessary software. More info.