Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Riverbed, IBM, SGI among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Riverbed, IBM, SGI among others.

Hyper 9\'s Virtualization Optimization Suite

Key features: Hyper9's new Web-based software provides visibility into virtual infrastructure, including at-a-glance views of virtual machines, hosts, guests and clusters; customizable reports; analysis of historical performance and configuration data; tracking of rogue VMs and sprawl; and automatic monitoring and alerts. More info.

Neteeza\'s TwinFin Data Appliance

Key features: TwinFin integrates server, database and storage into a single device designed to speed up data warehousing. The appliance scales to more than 1 petabyte and is compatible with major business intelligence tools. More info.

Paessler\'s PRTG Network Monitor 7.1

Key features: Latest version of this network monitoring software includes "toplists for identifying bandwidth bottlenecks using Packet Sniffer and Cisco NetFlow Sensors, Automatic Probe Management to simplify remote probe monitoring, and many more capabilities for automating network monitoring tasks and improving visibility into network performance," according to Paessler. More info.

Array Networks\' SPX800

Key features: Array Networks' SPX800 is a remote access controller that supports SSL VPN tunnels and an agent that enables network layer connections between remote computers and computers within corporate offices including desktops and servers. Customers have the choice of licenses for 25 or 50 concurrent users.

Riverbed\'s Central Management Console ? Virtual Editio

Key features: Central Management Console – Virtual Edition has the same functionality as the CMC appliance, but is intended to be deployed on VMware ESX virtual machines. It enables multiple instances of the software for managing individual customers in a multi-tenant environment. So service providers could manage a group of Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization appliances for one customer from one virtual instance of CMC-VE and manage groups of Steelheads for other customers from other instances of CMC VE from other virtual machines.

IBM Web Application Security Solution

Key features: Improves security posture and consolidates reporting infrastructure. A common workflow system for managing security incidents and correlation of application vulnerabilities with potential security events and real-time attacks, enabling organizations to prioritize remediation to immediately address top threats. More info.

SGI\'s CloudRack X2

Key features: SGI's latest CloudRack cluster is designed for high-performance computing, graphics and Internet applications. Available in a 14U size, the X2 scales up to 216 processor cores and supports various Intel and AMD processors, and high-speed interconnects, including 40Gbps InfiniBand. For storage, the X2 supports SATA or SAS hard drives, as well as solid state disks. More info.

IBM System z Solution Edition Series

Key features: New mainframe bundles that integrate hardware, software and services make it easier to deploy IBM mainframes for business functions including data warehousing, application development and disaster recovery. The bundles expand upon previous offerings that focused on running SAP applications on the mainframe. More info.

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