Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Sun, Brocade, HP among others.

Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products from Sun, Brocade, HP among others.

Sun\'s VirtualBox 2.2

Key features: The latest version of Sun's open source virtualization software adds support for the Open Virtualization Format, a standard that allows the import and export of virtual machines and appliances. "VirtualBox 2.2 software enables users to build virtual machines or appliances and effortlessly export them from a development environment and import them into a production environment," according to Sun. More info.

EMC\'s RSA division\'s DLP 7.0

Key features: Upgraded data-leak prevention suite includes a self-remediation feature for e-mailing an end-user about detected policy violations, plus 22 new policy templates for personally identifiable information requirements in several countries, including Spain and New Zealand. More info.

Data Leak Prevention Product Guide

Brocade\'s 8000 switch and Converged Network Adapters

Key features: Brocade's new switch and Converged Network Adapters join the emerging Fibre Channel over Ethernet and Convergence Enhanced Ethernet standards into the same architecture. This will allow Fibre Channel to run over a lossless version of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. More info.

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HyTrust Appliance 1.0

Key features: The HyTrust Appliance is for policy enforcement for administrative use of VMware ESX servers and Virtual Center management console. Pricing also includes $7,800 for physical appliance; other licensing fees apply. More info .

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CSaaS by Codenomicon

Key features: CSaaS enables the ability to test for security, vulnerability, and robustness flaws before deployment. Customers can track the test process via an online collaborative environment that shares test results which speeds up and simplifies the quality assurance cycle. Pricing - $5,000 for a five day professional services engagement with a Codenomicon Security engineer for the five tools. More info.

Seagate SV35.5 Series

Key features: The Seagate SV35.5 hard drive has performance-tuned 140MBps sustained sequential data rates and ATA-7 streaming commands for high-speed transfers, enhanced caching capabilities and built-in error recovery for non-stop streaming, thermal monitoring and reporting, unique user-selectable partitioning, low spin-up power, and best-in-class acoustics for extremely quiet operation.With disk capacities from 250GB to 1TB, the Seagate SV35.5 hard drive offers flexible DVR design capabilities as a video surveillance DVR, network DVR, or for direct and network-attached JBOD video surveillance storage. More info.

V.i. Labs\' CodeArmor 3.0

Key features: Method level code protection - .Net code is protected during the JIT process minimizing access to decrypted code. Expanded platform support for 32-bit and 64-bit .Net applications. Ability to protect code within an entire assembly. Protect .Net code, but retain access to metadata to support collaborative development environments. More info.

Cyberoam\'s CR15i

Key features: Stateful inspection firewall; VPN (IP Sec, L2TP, PPTP); gateway antivirus/antispyware; intrusion-prevention system; Web and application filtering; bandwidth management; multiple link management; and integrated reporting. More info.

Unified Threat Management Product Guide

Network Automation\'s AutoMate BPA Server 7.0.8

Key features: Enhanced capabilities to automatically create, modify or delete Microsoft Outlook objects such as calendar and contact entries based on pre-defined event triggers; and ability to build automation workflows for groups of agent machines, eliminating the need to list each machine individually in AutoMate BPA Server's virtual task-building window. Pricing: About $4,000 for new customers and roughly $3,500 for existing clients seeking to upgrade. More info.

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HP\'s Operations Orchestration

Key features: Automated workflow software that speeds virtualization deployment by providing end-to-end management of a virtual infrastructure, including self-service provisioning and routine maintenance. More info.

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F5 Networks\' Big-IP 8900

Key features: Enhanced software license management capabilities and tighter configuration management database integration provides a holistic and detailed view of software assets; and additional automation capabilities increase consistency, minimize errors and result in 20% to 40% efficiency gains in change and release management activities.

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A10\'s AX 1000

Key features: This is A10's latest server load balancer based on new hardware that the company claims is more energy efficient than its competitors' offerings. The device is the new entry-level model in the AX family and consumes 158 Watts when fully loaded. More info.

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PGP Whole Disk Controller

Key features: Full disk encryption offering optimized for small companies or workgroups with 10 to 150 users running Microsoft Windows. Allows organization to use existing hardware and does not require management server, databases or specialized security experts. More info.

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