10 start-ups to watch in ?09: a product roundup

With their innovative products and services, these promising start-ups tackle the biggest challenges in enterprise IT

Whether your chief concern is access, networking, mobility, security or Web 2.0, you'll find worthy solutions among these companies and their innovative offerings.

Product: Arista 7148SX

Key features: This high-density data-center switch packs 48 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports into one rack unit, and offers an extensible and customizable network operating system.

Price: $400 per port

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Product: The Phoenix System

Key features: Flash memory inside a 400-pound "black box" designed to protect an enterprise's most critical data from terrorist attacks and natural disasters, and transmit that data wirelessly in the wake of such an event.

Price: Undisclosed, but in the six-figure range

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Product: FactFinder for VMware

Key features: Provides application discovery and dependency mapping in virtual environments; reports on application health and performance; detects and isolates potential performance bottlenecks or service failures.

Price: Starts at $5,000, with cost for an average implementation at about $20,000

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Product: FastSoft E Series

Key features: This appliance accelerates the speed of data transmissions over wide areas by optimizing the TCP protocol to be more intelligent in pacing and maintaining the flow of the data; requires no hardware or software at the data's destination points.

Price: Ranges from $10,000 to $80,000

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Product: vDesk

Key features: This desktop virtualization software gives users remote access to a personalized desktop from any computer, through such devices as USB drives or BlackBerry PDAs; leverages the existing Windows operating system kernel, reducing storage needs and Windows licensing costs.

Price: $200 per-user starting price allows as many as four workspaces per user

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Product: SkyTap Virtual Lab Platform

Key features: This Internet-based virtual lab is designed for application development and testing or IT-operations testing; with nothing but a Web browser, users can upload their own virtual machines and run them on Skytap's service, or access pre-built virtual machine images of major operating systems, databases, applications and test tools.

Price: Starts at $500 a month

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Product: Soonr service

Key features: This Web-based service lets mobile workers access and use documents from their office computers through other Internet-connected devices, computers, BlackBerries and iPhones; makes sharing, reviewing, revising, printing and sending documents easier for on-the-go workers.

Price: Determined by Soonr's partners. For example, Cisco's WebEx PCNow service, which includes Soonr, sells for $10 per month for one computer.

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Product: Symplified Access

Key features: This Web-hosted, subscription-based access-management program offers single sign-on and compliance capabilities for software-as-a-service and in-house Web applications.

Price: starts at $2,500 per month for up to 10,000 user identities

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Product: WorkLight

Key features: This series of server software products securely transfers corporate data to popular consumer Web-based applications, such as Facebook, and devices, such as the iPhone; lets businesses use Web tools like Facebook in such a way that sensitive data is never visible to non-employees and is not stored on public servers.

Price: Standard monthly rate is $10 per active user

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Product name: Zscaler global security network

Key features: This Web-based security service eliminates the need for multiple point security products by redirecting an enterprise's Web traffic to one of Zscaler's data centers, and blocking or allowing traffic based on policies determined by that company.

Price: Monthly per-seat fee ranges from 50 cents to $3

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