Products to be shown at Interop

Cisco\'s 3300 Series Wireless Services Engine

Key features: A less expensive WSE, aimed at midsized enterprises. The appliance hosts Cisco and third-party applications making use of a Cisco API that lets them collect wireless LAN data from access points and controllers. That data is correlated and blended by these applications for jobs such as network security monitoring, location tracking and other location-based services, and network and application performance. More info.

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Cisco\'s Wireless Control System 6.0

Key features: WCS is Cisco's wireless LAN management application. The 6.0 release features a completely redesigned GUI. Shown here is the new home page, a "dashboard" with user selectable and customizable data displays. Interactive graphs, charts and tables show trends, summaries, and realtime status and events; at top, a summary bar continuously shows any security alarms. More info.

Polycom\'s SoundStation 2W with DECT 6.0

Key features: Polycom is upgrading the software for its SoundStation 2W cordless conference phones, introducing technology that eliminates interference with Wi-Fi and other wireless networks. The company is also announcing interoperability with SIP-based products from Avaya, ShoreTel, Siemens, Mitel and Alcatel-Lucent.

Steelhead alliance with Check Point and Websense

Key features: Riverbed is aligning with Check Point and WebSense to market Check Point and WebSense security software on Riverbed Steelhead appliances, which support virtual servers. The appliances would be deployed in branch offices and host the security applications, giving local gateway protection without deploying multiple devices.

NetIQ\'s AppManager for VMware 7.6

Key features: Includes capabilities that correlate system events with end-user experience metrics that allows administrators to prioritize incidents based on those services that most impact the business; reports on services, applications and VMware infrastructure components; and provides process automation capabilities to support VMware-related tasks such as load balancing between resource pools and controlling access to the VMware console. More info.

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Paglo\'s Server and Virtualization Management

Key features: Provides a unified view of distributed physical and virtual VMware machines and the ability to search and report on them; performs automated alerting based on customer-defined critical machine and process thresholds; and enables long-term collection and storage of historical server trend data for capacity planning and audit purposes. More info.

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Blade Network Technologies\' 10 Gigabit Ethernet Blade Switch

Key features: This new 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch is designed specifically for IBM BladeCenter servers, and supports Fibre Channel over Ethernet and Converged Enhanced Ethernet standards. Blade Network says the product allows a single fabric for data and storage, while lowering costs for switching, cabling and power use. More info.

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A10\'s AX 5200

Key features: This is A10's top-of-the-line load-balancing, optimizing, security device that has throughput of 40Gbps and can set up 3 million Layer 4 sessions per second. In addition to the box's speed, the company talks up its greenness – occupying two rack units and consuming a maximum of 700 Watts. That comes to 4,286 sessions per Watt, which the company says smokes its competitors sixfold.

Aten Technology\'s Touch Screen LCD KVM

Key features: This touchscreen LCD KVM switch offers secure access to as many as 16 servers and supports either USB or PS/2 connectors in a 1U configuration. The switch features a retractable 17-inch LCD monitor and keyboard with a built-in touchpad. More info.

Eaton\'s 9390IT UPS

Key features: Eaton says it has shrunk the footprint of its uninterruptible power supply unit while offering a "double-conversion design [that] completely isolates output power from all input power anomalies," protecting IT from the most common utility power problems. More info.

Avocent\'s MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer

Key features: Provides data center managers with integrated information to help them plan changes and capacity in their heterogeneous environments; allows status and visualization of changes; and creates tasks lists associated with the entire workflow to add/move/change a resource. More info.

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Univa UD\'s Reliance 3.0

Key features: Application service governance capabilities allow data center managers to automate the allocation of pooled resources across cloud environments; enables contention management among multiple applications; and provides exclusive provisioning for heightened security. More info.

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Netreo\'s OmniCenter DataCenter Dashboard

Key features: Monitors and manages power and environmental metrics in mixed physical and virtual data centers to help IT managers drive down costs, optimize resources and ensure systems run efficiently. More info.

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ScienceLogic\'s EM7 G3

Key features: Monitors shifting components of dynamic infrastructure including elements in private or public clouds; features a network management fabric, run-book automation engine, advanced chargeback and cost-allocation functions; and designed for large enterprises or services providers with up to 10,000 networked devices distributed globally. More info.

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Network Automation\'s AutoMate 7.1

Key features: Cross-platform agent technology built in Java, dubbed Process Agent, allows IT managers to incorporate non-Windows machines and systems into automated workflow. More info.

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NetQos\' Performance Center

Key features: Provides application performance dashboard that shows an at-a-glance take on response times across applications and sites; includes mapping capabilities that display topology and groupings for IT managers needing real-time updates on application performance; and now features a Connector for Microsoft Excel, which eases the process of building custom reports. More info.

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eTelemetry\'s Locate 4.2

Key features: Virtual Infrastructure Discovery feature leverages eTelemetry's proprietary user contact mapping technology to provide the contact information for the operators of all virtual computers on desktops as well as location information for all server-based virtual machines. More info.

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NetScout\'s Sniffer Global

Key features: Integration between Sniffer Global and Cisco 3300 Series and new 3310 Service Mobility Services Engine (MSE) provides contextual location-based knowledge to enable significantly faster identification and resolution of network and service performance issues over wired and wireless networks. More info.

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Meraki MR11, MR14 access points, and Enterprise Cloud Controller

Key features: These are Meraki's first enterprise-class indoor 802.11n access points, using a 2x2 MIMO configuration to save on costs, but still promising maximum data rates of 300Mbps per radio. All controller functions, including management and security, have been shifted to Meraki's hosted data center, and are accessed via a secure Web browser login. The vendor claims its WLAN solution for small-to-midsize enterprises is two to three times less costly than those from Cisco and Aruba. Additional pricing information: MR14, two-radio, $800; Cloud Controller (including maintenance/support) $150 per access point for one-year license; $300 each for the term of a three-year license.

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Ixia\'s IxVM

Key features: Ixia's new IP testing software lets data center managers assess performance and capacity in virtual machines. With the capability to test thousands of virtual machines simultaneously, IxVM lets IT tune virtual resources including servers and NICs and measure key indicators like delay, jitter and packet loss. The software automatically discovers components in a virtualized data center by integrating with VMware. More info.

Lumeta\'s IPsonar

Key features: Based on the protocol introduced by Trusted Computing Group at last year's Interop, a new IF-MAP client for IPsonar software packaged as an appliance enables network and security devices to share data and make intelligent network access control decisions. More info.

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ManageEngine\'s Site 24X7

Key features: Hosted service helps IT managers understand the end-user experience of Web sites and Web applications from around the globe. More info.

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