Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products announced last week.

Products of the Week

Cool new announcements from Nexsan, Sun and Coyote Point and others.

HP\'s 6600-24G

Key features: Data center-optimized, 1RU top of rack 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for connecting servers and storage devices into a data center fabric. HP ProCurve's first purpose-built switch for the data center. More info.

HP\'s ProCurve ONE Services zl Module

Key features: Server module for HP ProCurve's 8200 and 5400 switches that run applications from Microsoft, Avaya, McAfee, Riverbed, F5 and others. More info.

Nexsan\'s SASBeast

Key features: Marketed as a flexible, energy-efficient and affordable storage system, the SASBeast holds up to 42 disks in a 4U space, with up to 18.9TB. Nexsan says the system is ideal for applications utilizing Microsoft Exchange or SQL, and apps that involve large file servers or large amounts of content. More info here .

Sun\'s Virtualized Sun Fire servers and storage

Key features: New virtualization products aimed at small and midsized businesses combine Sun's storage and servers with hypervisor software from either VMware or Microsoft embedded in the systems. The VMware ESX configurations include Sun Fire X4150, X4250 or X4450 servers with the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage system. The Microsoft Hyper-V configuration includes the Sun Fire X4250 server and Sun Storage J4200 system. More info .

Coyote Point Systems Equalizer GX appliances

Key features: Coyote Point's new family of application acceleration and load balancing products are geared for midmarket companies. Three new models range from a dedicated application traffic manager to a high-end appliance (the E650GX, pictured) that adds SSL acceleration, hardware-based compression, Gigabit-speed throughput, and tools for optimizing application performance in virtualized environments. More info .

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Netcordia\'s NetMRI Version 3.0

Key features: Helps network managers identify configuration updates and errors and analyze how changes will impact the environment; ensures changes comply with pre-defined policies and regulatory requirements; and provides multi-role access, controls, workflows and visualization. More info.

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Network Automation\'s AutoMate 7

Key features: Updated version adds 65 new tasks including XML, Active Directory, PGP encryption, Web services and WMI support and features an enhanced task builder that speeds the assembly of automation sequences. More info here .

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ManageEngine\'s OpManager VoIP Manager Module

Key features: Provides continuous monitoring of VoIP service levels, including QoS metrics such as delay, packet loss, jitter and mean opinion score (MOS); performs VoIP call quality monitoring over entire WAN; and troubleshoots VoIP problems through bandwidth utilization graphs and QoS reports from Cisco NetFlow monitoring. More info .

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HBGary Responder 1.3

Key features: Computer forensics software for Windows memory investigation and analysis, supporting acquisition and analysis of physical memory on all Windows operating systems, starting with Windows 2000 through Windows 2008 Server, including all service packs. More info .

CA\'s ERwin Data Modeling Suite

Key features: Suite includes the new ERwin Data Profiler application that helps analysts understand data in legacy systems and simplify the task of ensuring accurate and structured data for efficient use in application, data marts and warehouses; this version of the suite also offers a free annual license for a version of the software designed for students and first-time modelers. More info .

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Have you gotten an early look at any of these products? If so, let us know what you think .