Cisco broadens data center ambitions

Airs Catalyst upgrades, Nexus switch extensions, green software

collage of nexus 2000 box, 6500, 4500 and energywise screenshot

Cisco is making its widely-installed Catalyst 6500 and 4500 switches better data center citizens, expanding its Nexus switch line and cranking out new energy efficiency software.

Catalyst 6500

The aging Catalyst 6500 line gets some love with enhancements to its network and service virtualization and data center edge router software. IOS Release 12.2(33)SXI adds the ability for in-service-software-upgrade for the switch's Virtual Switching System (VSS) feature and also enables customers to use existing services line cards with VSS. The same software also now offers L2 point-to-point and multipoint options for dark fiber/ WDM, IP, and MPLS WAN interconnects.

Cisco Nexus 2000

The Nexus 2000 provides a Gigabit Ethernet server onramp onto a unified - Ethernet and Fibre Channel - data center switching fabric

Nexus 2148T

The Nexus 2148T extends the switching capabilities of its higher end cousins to racks of servers.


The Nexus 7000 line has been stretched vertically with the 18-slot 7018. It supports 768 Gigabit Ethernet and 512 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, twice the density of the existing Nexus 7000 switch

EnergyWise screenshot

New EnergyWise software for Catalyst switches monitors power consumption of connected devices. The Cisco EnergyWise Business Value Calculator shows businesses how much energy and money they are saving - or expending. One of the first chassis-based switches to use the new software will be the Catalyst 4500 line (shown here).

old Union Station

Cisco customer Global Access Point plans to use the software in an old Union Station that now provides data center co-location services to the University of Notre Dame.

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