Products of the Week

Our round-up of intriguing new products announced last week.

Products of the Week

Cool new announcements from Juniper, SonicWall and Reflex and others.

Juniper\'s TX Matrix Plus

Key features: A 25Tbps matrix switch for clustering 16 TX 1600 core router chassis into a higher scale, higher density system supporting 1,024 10G and 256 40Gbps ports. Enables network virtualization to decouple service from infrastructure. More info .

A10 Networks\' AX Series

Key features: A10 beefed up its RAM caching features and upped its hardware compression throughput in the AX Series refresh. New management features let administrators divide a single AX device into multiple partitions, each configured to handle a specific application's load-balancing requirements.

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Hyperic\'s Operations IQ

Key features: Adds business intelligence to Hyperic's HQ monitoring platform by offering advanced systems intelligence and application performance metrics via visual reports that can be used for analysis, evaluation, planning and strategic decision making. More info.

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Packet Design\'s MPLS WAN Explorer

Key features: Extends route analytics technology beyond enterprise borders to identify changes in network reachability, or the ability of IP traffic to move between any two sites at a given time, and verify that the service provider has deployed the MPLS VPN routing architecture according to enterprise policy, for instance hub-and-spoke or full mesh. More info .

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Tandberg Profile

Key features: Includes a new codec called C60, a 1080p camera, four speakers, microphones and a remote control. The components are mounted in an aluminum unit with a back cover so no wiring is exposed. The system supports either one or two screens. If two, one is for images of participants, and one is for other displays, such as radiological images or shared documents. . More info .

eEye Digital Security Blink Security Management Appliance 200

Key features: Appliance based on the REM Security Management Console can manage up to 200 computer desktops using Blink Professional. More info .

Finjan Unified Secure Web Gateway - Vital security v.9.2

Key features: Adds real-time content inspection of Acrobat Flash and Adobe PDF, data-leak prevention to the gateway appliance for URL filtering with anti-virus modules. More info.

Reflex Systems\' Virtualization Management Center

Key features: Monitors performance of virtual infrastructure; optimizes resource utilization; troubleshoots application performance; performs forensics and root-cause analysis; and analyzes the impact of configuration changes. More info here .

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Spiceworks\' IT Desktop 3.5

Key features: Tracks bandwidth usage for individual network devices; graphs incoming and outgoing traffic; helps IT professionals identify network bottlenecks; and uncovers bandwidth problems. More info .

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SonicWall\'s EM5000

Key features: EM5000 is an appliance loaded with SonicWall's Global Management System software for managing SonicWall's other appliances that range from firewall/VPNs to content filtering to storage and backup. Software to add new functionality such as two-factor authentication or NAC will come later, SonicWall says.

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Have you gotten an early look at any of these products? If so, let us know what you think .