What does a real green data center look like?

Data center shines with top-down green design and gets money for it

Collocation facility provider Internap recently opened its latest data center in Somerville, Mass., which was built with green design principles in mind to reduce the consumption of power, manage the dissipation of heat and control humidity. The effort will help the company run the facility less expensively and won it a $453,000 rebate from the local power company.

Rooftop cooling units pump cooled air into a six-foot conduit with channels that lead into the building

The roof is white so it absorbs less heat, reducing the amount of cooling needed.

The data center space contains no cooling devices that would generate heat

A heat-reducing harmonic mitigating transformer is flanked by consultants on the project Karl Robohm (left), princilpal of Transitional Data Services, and John Willard, president of Complete Energy Solutions.

A hot aisle where the back sides of equipment cabinets dump hot air that then rises through ceiling grates to be cooled.

Cool-mist humidifiers use 93% less power than steam humidifiers.

Cool-mist humidifiers use 93% less power than steam humidifiers.

An unfinished section of the facility. The raised data center floor will be at the level of the door and the drop ceiling will be about the level of the horizontal pipe.

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