Airport art? Or asking for it?

More examples of Evan Roth's "X-ray" art, which he intends to be a silent protest of overly intrusive airport security.

Evan Roth

Techno-artist Evan Roth has a message for the Transportation Safety Administration -- several messages, actually -- about what he considers excessive airport "security theater" ... and he has chosen an intentionally provocative method of delivery: the TSA's own X-ray screening machines. Let's take a look.

Box cutter cut-out

Evans calls this "the exact opposite of a box cutter."

TSA\'s own words

There's no mention of removing shoes in there.

Universal salute

Needs no explanation ... in any language.

High-minded version

Not sure the screeners will know what to make of this one.

Right to the point

Might get a smile ... more likely to get you dragged out of line.

Who could object?

Although there are probably less risky ways of showing your patriotism.

What do YOU think?

What do you think of Evan Roth's artwork? Playing with fire? Funny? Poignant or daft? Have ideas for Mr. Roth's next round of artwork? We want to hear from you