10 IT security companies to watch: A product roundup

A look at the technology that these start-ups say will make them stand out from the pack.

10 Security Companies to Watch

These newcomers are focused on everything from video surveillance to application whitelisting to malware blocking


Manufacturer: Behavioral Recognition Systems

Key features: Video-analytics server technology converts images captured by a surveillance camera into real-time intelligence to generate an alert.

Price: Not announced

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Product Name: BOUNCER

Manufacturer: CoreTrace

Key features: This centrally-managed "whitelisting" software for desktops and servers prevents malware or unauthorized applications from running.

Price: starts at $10,000

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Envysion?s video software-as-a servic

Key features: The managed video-surveillance services include installation and remote management, plus options such as correlation of sales data generated electronically to nab in-store theft.

Price: starts at $160 per month

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Manufacturer: Guardian Analytics

Key features: This online fraud-prevention service, primarily for financial institutions, protects customer accounts dynamically through real-time monitoring.

Price: starts at $70,000

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Manufacturer: Metaforic

Key features: This software to prevent software piracy can be incorporated into applications.

Pricing: licensed on an individual basis

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Information Search and Security

Manufacturer: nexTier Networks

Key features: This data-leak prevention appliance makes use of a high-performance crawler to continuously look at stored enterprise documents.

Pricing: about $50,000 | Compare products: Data Leak Protection Buyer's Guide

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NovaShield AntiMalware

Manufacturer: NovaShield

Key Features: The behavior-based detection software can catch, quarantine and eradicate malware

Pricing: $19.95 per seat

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Product Name: Network Forensic Search Engine

Manufacturer: Packet Analytics

Key features: This Linux-based software provides a Web interface for network managers to see an analytical profile of host-to-host activity based on NetFlow data and other log information.

Pricing: Based on number of events per day, starting at $1,495. Free download, and the company is moving to an open-source model next year. | Compare products: Forensic Tools Buyer's Guide

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Product Name: Purewire Gateway

Manufacturer: Purewire

Key features: Purewire's security software-as-a-service is aimed at protecting business users while on the Web.

Pricing: $30 to $80 per year per user | Compare products: Secure Web Gateways Buyer's Guide

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ransaction Networking System

Manufacturer: Rohati Systems

Key Features: The TNS appliance for network-based entitlement control via Layer 7 access-control lists guards user access to applications.

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