20 most useful career sites for IT professionals

Looking for work in IT? You might want to extend your job search beyond Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs.

Job search sites for IT pros

Employers expect IT professionals to be well-versed in high-tech, business and now social networking skills. And knowing how to use such tools could actually help job seekers land a better position. It may be well known that the paper resume is a thing of the past, but even some of today's popular job search sites need an overhaul. Here we take a look at 20 sites that could bolster the search process for IT job seekers.


Tagline: The Career Hub for Tech Insiders.

Key features: Job browsing by location and skill set; career news; resume-writing advice; career fair details; tech topic polls and community discussions.

Fun fact: Dice serves up jobs that might be of interest to Web site visitors and members based on profile data and potential employers can also access the site to search resumes and post jobs.

Jobs listed: 88,146 tech jobs and counting

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Tagline: Meet your job match!

Key features: Proprietary technology enables job seekers and employers to be matched based on the skills they have and those they seek, without using keyword searches.

Fun fact: RealMatch supports anonymous job searching for those IT professionals looking for work while employed, which helps keep job seekers secure in their current position.

Jobs listed: 65,000 job titles and more than 300,000 skills associated with specific titles

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Tagline: All jobs. All employers. All free.

Key features: Tools for job seekers and employers; lets visitors search jobs posted on its site, as well as those posted across major online job sites.

Fun fact: The site allows employers to post jobs for free, and that means more jobs can be listed and searched on Smuz, which generates revenue from text ads and not site users.

Jobs listed: Smuz searches positions listed with HotJobs, Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and Beyond.com.

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Tagline: Be the hunted. Have great companies pursue you.

Key features: Provides job seekers with a 'trackable' version of their resume to alert them when employers view it; and matches job seekers and employers based on "10 dimensions" that include skills, experience, education as well as job seeker desires such as salary, travel and commute.

Fun fact: Jobfox lets job seekers choose which employers they don't want to see their resumes -- even as an alias.

Jobs listed: The greatest volume of jobs is in the Washington DC, San Francisco Bay, Boston and Atlanta metro areas.

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Tagline: Where talent lives.

Key features: Provides tools to find exclusive jobs, be found by leading employers and network with other professionals. Offers a community of more than one-half million professionals.

Fun fact: Founded in 2005 by two friends -- a Stanford MBA and an MIT engineer -- Doostang membership can be achieved via invitation only through personal relationships and affiliations.

Jobs listed: The site says members have been hired by companies such as Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey & Co, Time, Saatchi & Saatchi and Facebook.

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The Ladders

Tagline: The most $100k+ jobs

Key features: Provides access to a database of more than 35,000 pre-screened recruiters and allows job seekers to search based on location, job function or job level.

Fun fact: The Ladders boasts more than 70,000 jobs listed on the site and updates a weekly tally of new jobs. (For instance, more than 7,500 new jobs were listed as of July 10, 2008.)

Jobs listed: The Ladders' targeted sites list only new $100,000+ paying jobs each month across every industry, in companies of all types and sizes.

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Jobs in Pods

Tagline: Logon. Listen. Apply

Key features: Podcasts recorded with employers let job seekers hear about open positions, company culture and desired skills or candidates.

Fun fact: Site creators encourage employers to have both hiring managers and front-line employees take part in the podcasts to give job seekers more insight into the company.

Jobs listed: Podcasts feature jobs by state, type and company, such as AT&T, IBM and Intel.

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Tagline: We're hiring

Key features: Provides a free secure account with which users can post their resumes, search jobs and give a slew of recruiters access to their job-seeking information.

Fun fact: Thingamajob, wholly owned and operated by Allegis Group, searches for jobs for account members using thousands of employees in nearly 300 offices.

Jobs listed: The home page lists more than 3,300 engineering jobs, nearly 3,000 IT jobs and over 1,000 scientific jobs.

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Tagline: Proud to be a member of JobServe (The U.K. company acquired Computerwork in 200.)

Key features: Offers resume matching and filtering technology for those IT professionals seeking work and employers seeking with skills in the IT industry. The company runs a primary national site as well as more than 70 city, regional and skill-set specific sites.

Fun fact: Computerwork was selected for inclusion in WEDDLE's 2007/8 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet, an annual guide to the top recruitment sites online.

Jobs listed: Site users can search from jobs based on skills ranging from Cobol to Perk to Windows and XML.

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Tagline: Find freelancers at the world's largest online service marketplace.

Key features: Enables job seekers to compare salary, search for a job, find high growth industries or research knowledge, skills and abilities and other occupational information.

Fun fact: CareerOneStop is a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored Web site that offers career resources and workforce information to job seekers, students, businesses and workforce professionals.

Jobs listed: The site provides a portal with links to Web sites to search for jobs specifically in certain states, as well as a CareerOne coach to help identify skills and match them to jobs.

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Tagline: See what employers are saying.

Key features: Requests visitors share a review or salary information to then gain access to data on jobs and salaries from all other members, information that can help job seekers learn more about potential employers.

Fun fact: Site members can see details on salary, bonuses, commissions and more for titles within well-known, recognizable companies.

Jobs listed: The home page lists a Google Software Engineer as earning $96,000 and a Google Product Manager making $121,000.

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Tagline: The most trusted name in career information.

Key features: Offers features to search for jobs, provides career advice and allows member to research companies, industries and salaries based on data in its tech job board.

Fun fact: Vault's three co-founders developed a library of company and industry profiles that reveal information and major corporations and law firms, including current company activities, work environments, and secrets on curveball interview questions and tactics.

Jobs listed: High-tech jobs listed range from applications programming to engineering to project management and IT consulting.

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Tagline: Gear for your career.

Key features: Allows searches based on career, location, salary and date posted. Provides links to partner sites that help job seekers with resume writing and distribution.

Fun fact: According to comScore/Media Metrix, Job.com ranked as the 4th most visited career destination on the Internet for 24 consecutive months from April 2006 through April 2008. The site has more than five million unique visitors on a monthly basis.

Jobs listed: As of mid-July, the site listed with 791,436 jobs online!

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Tagline: Search Less. Find more.

Key features: Enables searches by location and keyword across millions of jobs in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and employs search confidentiality practices without requiring visitors to register.

Fun fact: Automated JobSniper Search Agents will send job information directly to job seekers' e-mail accounts.

Jobs listed: The daily tally of jobs featured on the home page reached 271,501 one day in July.

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Blue Chip Expert

Tagline: The Premier Talent Source

Key features: Using a software-as-a-service business model Blue Chip works to make recruiters more effective by automating the agency search process through a combination of social networks, people search technology and targeted job referrals.

Fun fact: Members can join this talent site by invite only.

Jobs listed: Blue Chip is "not a job board site, but more of a 'people board' site. Hiring managers use our patent pending search engine to find profiles of candidates that meet the job spec."

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Tagline: The premium career source for recruiters, employers
and job seekers since 1997!

Key features: Links to news and information about the job market in various regions and provides job seekers the ability to research top companies with open positions.

Fun fact: The site says it features more than 2,400 hiring managers, 379,000 active resumes and 2.7 million passive resumes.

Jobs listed: The home page boasts searches of more than 33,700 jobs.

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Tagline: Jobs and careers in the U.S.A

Key features: Uses "smart agents" technology running on a cluster of networked computers to scan more than 58,000 Web sites daily to identify listings on the Internet and populate Careerjet's job index.

Fun fact: Careerjet's job search engine network encompasses over 50 countries, featuring separate interfaces that are translated into 20 languages.

Jobs listed: The site says job seekers can access 22,453,516 jobs published on 60,178 Web sites in the world --5,903,419 jobs published in the U.S.

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Tagline: One search. All jobs.

Key features: Allows job seekers to browse jobs by category, company, title and state.

Fun fact: The site launched a new feature this year that lets job seekers search for specific positions based on salary. For instance, a search for network manager $60,000 would yield results for available positions paying that salary.

Jobs listed: As of mid-July, the Indeed home page said the site featured 1,128,044 new jobs in the last 7 days

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Simply Hired

Tagline: Job search made simple.

Key features: Offers job searchers access to jobs listings pulled from job boards, company pages, online classifieds and other data sources, which populate the site's database of positions.

Fun fact: Simply Hired refers to the robot that collects jobs from the Internet as Snuffleupagus (aka Snuffy).

Jobs listed: As of mid-July, the site promised visitors could search more than 6.4 million jobs across the Web.

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Tagline: Thousands of sites. Hundreds of channels. One network.

Key features: Offers job posting and resume searching capabilities, career portals for Web sites and online communities, resume-writing assistance, and access to industry resources such as magazines, videos, articles and blogs.

Fun fact: Beyond currently supports more than 15,000 general, local and niche-specific sites.

Jobs listed: The site says job seekers can search 300,000 listings.

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