New products of the week 02.02.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and Rackspace.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

020215potw adrem

NetCrunch Tools

Key features: NetCrunch Tools is a free Window-based toolkit of network testing apps including Ping, Traceroute, Wake OnLAN, DNS Info, Who Is, Ping Scanner, Service Scanner, Open TCP Port Scanner, SNMP Scanner, DNS Audit and Mac Resolver. More info.

020215potw arc


Pricing: Free trial provide 5GB of storage; plans for up to 30 users start at $300/month with unlimited storage. Unlimted users and storage cost $2,000/month.

Key features: SKYSITE is a cloud-based document management solution for the construction industry. Users can view, manage, distribute and collaborate in real time with secure access available on any device. More info.

020215potw amtel

Amtel Plum

Key features: Plum is a mobile enterprise app for BYOD secure messaging and calling, protecting business calls and messages in a separate workspace with a dedicated business phone number, enabling mobile collaboration. More info.

020215potw array

AVX10650 Multi-Tenant Application Delivery Controller

Key features: Available in a range of partitioned ADC instances, the AVX10650 supports multiple LBaaS tenants, departments or applications, etc. Each instance contains ArrayOS, dedicated input/output, CPU, memory and SSL resources. More info.

020215potw birch


Pricing: ActivTrak’s services are offered as a freemium model. The Free Plan allows you to monitor up to 3 computers and store 1Gb worth of logs and screenshots. The pricing for Paid Plans are as follows:
·         $34/mo or $336/yr for five ActivTrak agents
·         $59/mo or $576/yr for 10 ActivTrak agents
·         $99/mo or $960/yr for 20 ActivTrak agents
·         $199/mo or $1,920/yr for 50 ActivTrak agents

Key features: ActivTrak is a cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity by providing aggregate data on a company’s day-by-day performance. More info.

020215potw bit9

Carbon Black 5.0

Key features: Prepare for a breach by continuously recording endpoint activity and rapidly respond to an incident by instantly isolating endpoint threats, terminating attacks, and remediating endpoints, all via a remote connection. More info.

020215potw blazemeter 2

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing as a Service

Key features: Cloud-based, open source continuous testing that creates, runs tests and integrates testing throughout continuous delivery process. Supports dozens of engineering teams committing code, integrating and deploying continuously shortening release times. More info.

020215potw cloudorado

Cloudorado – Cloud Computing Comparison Engine

Key features: Calculate price of cloud computing services (servers, LB, storage, …) for individual requirements from multiple cloud providers. Filter & review non-price related aspects (SLA, security compliance, features and more). More info.

020215potw coreos


Key features: etcd 2.0 - its first major stable release - helps achieve Google-like infrastructure by facilitating safe automatic updates, coordinating work being scheduled to hosts, and setting up overlay networking for containers. More info.

020215potw dell kace

Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance V 6.3

Key features: include Chromebook support, enhanced agentless technology for greater insight for managing network-connected devices, and server monitoring and agentless inventory of Windows systems for enhanced server management. More info.

020215potw dellsecure

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection service

Key features:  Dell SecureWorks combines its Threat Intelligence with Lastline's Breach Detection Platform to launch the Advanced Malware Protection and Detection service (AMPD). AMPD rapidly detects advanced threat activity on networks. More info.

020215potw fillcharge

Premium Pad & Case for iPhone 4/4S Bundle

Key features: A two-piece plastic hard case slides snugly over the body of the iPhone. Embedded into the back of the protective case is the fliCharge contact module that makes electrical connection with the surface of the fliCharge Pad. The Premium Pad measures 9" X 4-1/4" in size, is very thin and capable of delivering up to 20 Watts of power — plenty of power to simultaneously charge multiple devices such as cell phones, portable music players, and tablet computers. More info.

020215potw hm


Key features:  The new IdentityVigil is an Identity and Access Governance Platform that is a flexible, modular and completely hosted and managed solution. IdentityVigil helps organizations holistically address identity and access management needs covering both on-premise and in the cloud applications. With the addition of the new modules [SSO& PPM], customers now have an option of signing up for an integrated solution, significantly reducing the burden of combining & maintaining disparate point solutions for each of the functions. More info.

020215potw incentive

Incentive Winter 2015

Key features — Incentive is a social enterprise collaboration platform empowering businesses to work and collaborate all in one platform. “Incentive Winter 2015” includes new/enhanced features including document collaboration, video chat, instant messaging, file share and more. More info.

020215potw ipanema

IpanemaCloud Central Management

Pricing: Monthly Fee per appliance: Up to 500 appliances=$28 per appliance;  For appliances above 501= $23 per appliance.

Service Portal Account (Monthly Fee per account) at least 1 Central Platform Administrator:  Central Platform Administrator account: $170; Application Service Administrator account: $85; Monitor account: $57

Key features: IpanemaCloud Central management is a new cloud-based service allowing VARs, MSPs and telcos to reduce time to market by months, offering them easy access to Ipanema’s platform to quickly deliver  Ipanema-based managed services to their customers. More info.

020215potw lightcyber

LightCyber Magna v. 2.8

Key features: LightCyber Magna v2.8 is an Active Breach Detection system that now extends detection to remote locations and has expanded cloud threat intelligence with Palo Alto Networks integration. More info.

020215potw rackspace

Rackspace DBA Services for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP

Key features: Rackspace announced support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 In-Memory Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and AlwaysOn Availability. With Rackspace DBA Services, customers can use Rackspace database administrators to migrate or upgrade existing workloads to SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP on the Rackspace Managed Cloud. More info.

020215potw proofpoint

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite 8.0

Key features: Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite 8.0 delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound email security through an innovative cloud-based platform that leverages phishing detection, anti-spam and anti-virus technologies to accurately classify and block threats. More info.

020215potw unitrends

Unitrends ReliableDR 4.0

Key features: ReliableDR is the industry’s first automated disaster recovery failover and testing solution for Microsoft Hyper-V environments; Version 4.0 extends the widely-sought recovery assurance capabilities previously only available for VMware vSphere. More info.

020215potw wti

Remote Relay Management Switch

Key features: Control power switching and reboot functions for remote network elements and other high amp devices. Monitor and log conditions at remote equipment installations; generate alarms when suspect events are detected. More info.

020215potw zynstra

SMBIT Appliance

Key features: Zynstra is a Cloud Managed Server Appliance that sits on the customers premise, and is managed through the cloud by a service provider. Users can run both virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and public cloud resources. More info.

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