Steve Jobs lives on... in a CAPTCHA

Apple co-founder looks after my online shopping safety

Steve Jobs in 2010
Matthew Yohe (CC BY-SA 3.0)

On a week when Apple blew minds with its record $74.6 billion in quarterly revenue and revealed that it's making Samsung uncomfortable on its home turf of South Korea, the company even grabbed mindshare in an unlikely place: A CAPTCHA box.

Upon visiting an e-commerce site this week, I was greeted with a CAPTCHA box (more about what CAPTCHAs are here) regaling me with the exploits of none other than Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. 

screen shot 2015 01 30 at 1.20.07 pm

The box, shown left, reads: "Which Apple founder oversaw the creation of the iPhone?" Then I was prompted to type in "Steve Jobs."

Steve Jobs lives on in many ways, from Hollywood (a new movie is in the works) to the art world (sculptures and ). Not to mention the iPhone and Mac.


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