5 top enterprise-grade business gadgets

If you’re a business professionals who travels frequently, runs presentations at work, needs to connect with colleagues, or who has to focus on getting work done before closing time, here are five gadgets you should check out.

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As we roll further into 2015, it’s time to look back at the business gadgets that changed how we stay productive. These are the top picks for business professionals who travel frequently, who run presentations at work, who need to connect with colleagues, or who have to focus on getting work done before closing time.

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1. Best Projector: ViewSonic PLED-W800

pled w800 courtesy of viewsonic.com

This ultra-portable projector is unique in that it is small enough to fit inside a laptop bag (it’s about the size an Apple Mac Mini), yet shines bright at 800 lumens. That’s enough to show a sales video presentation in a brightly lit room without darkening the windows. It features an HDMI input that supports a connection from a smartphone or tablet. While super-compact projectors usually don’t have a super-small price, the PLED-W800 is fairly reasonable at just over $700 on Amazon.com and other resellers. A wireless dongle connects to a laptop to stream whatever is on the screen to a projector across the room.

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