New products of the week 02.09.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Brocade and Barracuda.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

020915potw 8x8

8x8 Virtual Office Analytics Suite of Services

Pricing: "Analytics Essentials" - $3.99 per Ext for all 8x8 Cloud PBX Extensions;  "Analytics Supervisor" $39.99  per ​Queue or Ring Group user license​; "Analytics Service Quality" $500 per 8x8 Cloud PBX User license

Key features: A suite of real-time and historical analytical reporting tools that provide insights from the cloud PBX environment that are viewable from any device. More info.

020915potw absolute

Absolute Manage - Self Service Portal

Key features: The Self Service Portal allows users to view device information and perform remote actions on any of their devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones – even if they are personally owned. More info.

020915potw barracuda

Barracuda SignNow

Key features – Barracuda SignNow is now integrated with Microsoft Word for Office365, which helps users easily add text, signature, initial and dropdown fields into Word documents and upload them to SignNow. More info.

020915potw brocade

Brocade VDX 6940

Key features: fixed form factor switch can be deployed as a spine or leaf switch. The Brocade VDX 6940-36Q offers 36 40GbE QSFP+ ports. Through a breakout cable, each 40GbE port can be broken into four 10GbE ports for a total of 144 10GbE connections. The Brocade VDX 6940-144S provides up to 96 10GbE ports, along with 12 40GbE or four 100GbE ports in a 2U form factor. More info.

020915potw clustrix

ClustrixDB 6.0

Key features: ClustrixDB 6.0 improves performance and availability for Magento-based implementations, increasing Magento throughput by up to five times to provide a highly responsive and always-on shopping experience, even during peak periods. More info.

020915potw carbonite

Carbonite Server Backup (CSB)

Key features – Carbonite Server Backup supports Office 365 enabling small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to protect critical business data created and hosted in the cloud. More info.

020915potw cryptzone

HiSoftware Security Sheriff for Office 365

Key features:  Cryptzone launches HiSoftware Security Sheriff for Office 365 extending the features and functions of the on-premises solution for inspecting, classifying, securing, auditing and processing content to Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and hybrid environments. More info.

020915potw dh2i

DxEnterprise Software

Key features: Container management software for Microsoft Windows Server application and workloads - delivers application portability, near-zero downtime, and ease of management – lowers associated costs by 30%-60%. More info.

020915potw knowncircle


Key features: A social referral network platform that enables consumers to discover and connect with professional service providers that are most trusted by their friends and family. More info.

020915potw mongodb

MongoDB 3.0

Key features: With MongoDB 3.0 organizations can leverage mature management tools, a powerful query language and comprehensive indexes. As well as a flexible document data model, horizontal scalability, global always-on architecture, and unprecedented performance. More info.

020915potw ncp

NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android

Key features: NCP’s Secure Enterprise Client for Android is now compatible with Android 5.0, and supports x86 smartphone processors, helping enterprises provide secure VPN access to even more devices and operating systems. More info.

020915potw promisec

Promisec Endpoint Manager 4.10

Key features: Promisec Endpoint Manager 4.10 brings together a complete picture of Endpoint Security, Compliance and Incident Response enabling Enterprises of all sizes to couple the leading agentless product in the Endpoint threat Detect and Response (EDR) market symbiotically to their Endpoint Protection platform of choice. With newly introduced File Integrity Monitoring capabilities, version 4.10 enables advanced detection and remediation earlier in the incident response process. More info.

020915potw qualys 2

Qualys Web Application Security (WAS) 4.0

Key features: An automated, progressive scanning enables broader testing of web applications to scan more sites automatically and minimize their risk from undiscovered vulnerabilities. More info.

020915potw snaplogic

SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines

Key features -  SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines receive input from an application and return data to the requester 10x faster than before, satisfying line-of-business managers who need instant access to company or customer data. More info.

020915potw quantum

Q-Cloud Archive

Key features: A public cloud storage service providing customers on-demand access to data in the cloud and automated, policy-based data movement integrated as a tier in StorNext 5-managed workflows. More info.

020915potw solarwinds

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM)

Key features: SolarWinds Log & Event Manager provides a simplified correlation rule set up, faster SIEM deployment and quick  detection of advanced threats and insider abuse. More info.

020915potw startech

2-in-1 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or VGA adapter

Key features: Enables mobile users to connect their Mini DisplayPort equipped laptop to either an HDMI or VGA display. Combining two of the most common display interfaces into a single adapter,’s A/V Travel Adapter eliminates having to carry multiple Mini DisplayPort adapters, which provides a portable solution for users to connect their laptop as needed in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments or while traveling. More info.

020915potw tracesecurity

Self-Service Web App Risk Assessment

Key features: Users can run a simple risk assessment on their web application while leveraging the 10 most critical web application security risks published by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). More info.

020915potw vmware

vSphere 6

Key features: The newest version of VMware’s virtualization software includes support for a range of new applications, such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB and others; long-distance vMotion and instant clone technology. More info.

020915potw vormetric

Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking

Key features: Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking enables enterprises to reduce sensitive information sprawl, removing servers and applications from the scope of PCI DSS audits, only exposing sensitive information when needed. More info.

020915potw wizeline

Wizeline Starter

Key features: Wizeline is a purpose-built product management tool allowing users to collect input from across their organization, prioritize releases and create product roadmaps. More info.

020915potw wti

32 Amp, Metered Switched PDU

Key features: Heavy duty, 32 Amp Switched PDU with per-outlet current metering. Features 12 metered, switched IEC C19 outlets and dual 240V AC power inlets, plus monitoring, alarm and event logging capabilities. More info.

020915potw zebra

Workforce Connect Voice

Key features: Workforce Connect Voice is a flexible Voice over IP telephony client designed to enhance workflow efficiencies. The client provides comprehensive PBX functionality to select Zebra Mobile Computers. More info.

020915potw brocade encryption

IPsec encryption module for the Brocade MLXe

Key features: delivers encryption embedded in-line with the I/O ports. IPsec Suite B algorithms with support for AES 256-bit keys. Also includes 128-bit MACsec encryption. Eliminates the need for third-party security appliances. Security protocols can be enabled at wire speed for up to 44Gbps (IPsec) or 200Gbps (MACsec) throughput per module. More info.