Best Songs About Satellites

Facebook, Google, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic satellite Internet ventures inspire musical reflection

With all of the high-flying satellite Internet service action going on these days between Facebook, Google and others, I got thinking about how many songs there are with the word "satellite", "satellites" or something related in the title. 

My favorite is Modest Mouse's Satellite Skin, but I've tried to collect a bunch for various musical tastes...

*Modest Mouse: Satellite Skin

*Spoon: Satellite

*Guster: Satellite

*Lou Reed: Satellite of Love

*Elliott Smith: Satellite

*AC/DC: Satellite Blues

*Rise Against: Satellite

*The Tornados: Telstar (instrumental, once a UK hit)

*Dave Matthews Band: Satellite

*P.O.D.: Satellite

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness: Cecelia and the Satellite


*Kevin Gates: Satellites (NSFW language)

*Gang of Four: Satellite

*Elton John: Satellite


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