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Oftentimes I’ll notice a spurt of new traffic to an old blog post and the catalyst will not be immediately apparent.

Such is not the case with this 2013 post where I noted that NBC News anchor Brian Williams, a vocal critic of Twitter, had nonetheless opened an account there three years prior from which he had issued exactly zero tweets to his 154,000 followers. Why bother?

That old post has been getting traffic in recent days and there is no doubt as to why: Yesterday NBC announced that Williams has been suspended without pay for six months for having repeatedly told an untrue tale of having come under fire while in a helicopter covering the war in Iraq.

NBC and virtually everyone else with an opinion on the matter clearly do not believe Williams’ contention that he “conflated” memories. Neither do I, at least not now. A few days ago I had been willing to at least entertain the notion because the alternative – he knowingly and repeatedly told an easily refutable whopper – seemed almost equally implausible.

And I still haven’t seen a truly compelling explanation of why someone in such a high-profile position would do something so ridiculously reckless. Ego and arrogance I understand, but they don’t seem enough to me. Yet there may be no more to it.

Meanwhile, back at the man’s Twitter account, you can see from the picture above that Williams has attracted another 72,000 followers in the two years since that earlier blog post.

And still he appears not to have authored a single tweet, which would mean he has never spun some fanciful yarn in 140 characters or less.

He’s got that going for him.

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