Interns loving life at Facebook, Google & Apple

Latest Glassdoor survey shows Microsoft, HP and Yahoo! also popular among interns


While many young people are reportedly abandoning Facebook as a place to socialize online, many others say it's a great entryway to the workforce. For the second year in a row, Facebook is the highest rated company by interns based on the feedback they share on jobs and career online marketplace Glassdoor.

Other tech companies also rated well, with Google (#3), Yahoo! (#6), Apple (#11), Microsoft (#13), Intel (#14) and Qualcomm (#16) among those in the top 25 (companies were rated on a 5-point scale ranging from very dissatisfied to very satisfied). One tech vendor on last year's Top 25 List that didn't repeat this year: Cisco Systems. Google, meanwhile, has slipped a bit down the list in recent years, having been the top company in 2012 and 2013.

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Glassdoor paired its company ratings with Interview Difficulty Ratings, and sure enough, a lot of those sweet internships have to be earned by passing though tough interview processes.  Google's 3.3 difficulty rating is highest among the tech companies in the top 25.

Glassdoor shared some of the comments that interns left on its website about working at various tech companies. One Facebook intern in NYC wrote: "You are working on very interesting problems, which actually affect more than a billion people. You also learn a lot from people around you.” A Microsoft intern in Redmond, Wash., wrote: "Great people and research environment with a lot of freedom. Above average benefits.” 

You can check out the complete Glassdoor internship rankings here.

Glassdoor also released data about where to seek internships, with big cities like New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco among the ripest metro areas for jobs. The good news for internship seekers is, with companies like Facebook and Google setting up shop all over the place, options for working at such companies aren't limited to just their headquarters. More than 27,500 internship jobs (not just in tech) are currently open across the U.S., according to Glassdoor.

To help intern prospects find opportunities and job tips, Glassdoor has introduced a free search service called Glassdoor for Students.

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