New products of the week 03.09.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and Aruba.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

030915potw aruba

Aruba 7000 Series Cloud Services Controllers

Key features: Aruba’s new Cloud Services Controllers integrate WAN acceleration, firewall, web content filtering, policy-based routing and zero-touch provisioning into a single cohesive system, allowing branch offices to rightsize their networks. More info.

030915potw barracuda


Key features  – CudaSign minimizes the cost burden for businesses looking to leverage eSignatures to efficiently sign documents, collect signatures and automate workflows, while helping eliminate faxes, printing and scanning. More info.

030915potw alcatel

OmniSwitch 6250 and 6450

Key features: Access switches for enterprises from SMBs to large businesses. Enable customers to use corporate or personal, wired or wireless devices on the enterprise network. Self-registration of Apple devices. Device configuration and guest registration of BYOD. Automatic configuration of 802.1X and security certificates. Support of OpenFlow 1.3. More info.

030915potw earthlink

EarthLink Managed Security Monitoring

Pricing: Silver: $60/device; Gold: $100/device; Platinum: $120/device; $200/device (server)

Key features: Actively monitors customers’ network, servers, routers, POS devices, laptops and desktops to detect security events before they become disruptive data breaches. Clients obtain meaningful security designed to protect valuable business and customer data. More info.

030915potw firelayer

FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway

Pricing: Up to 3 Apps: $5/per user per month; Over 3 Apps: $10/per user per month

Key features: The FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway proactively protects corporate data, apps and infrastructure on the cloud. Core capabilities: user centric-mitigations, an open and extensible platform, policy-based architecture, control over any app and full stack security. More info.

030915potw dell

Dell Cloud Access Manager 8.0

Pricing: $15.15 per Internal User License/Maintenance and $5.05 per External User License/Maintenance.

Key features: Cloud Access Manager 8.0 and its new Security Analytics Engine adds powerful, adaptive access control across a wide range of application types, empowering better, more accurate access decisions. More info.

030915potw hcs

HC3 virtualization platform

Pricing: The HC1000 3 node system starts at $25,500 – The HC2000 3 node system starts at $37,500 and the HC4000 3 node system starts at $67,500.

Key features: Scale Computing’s HC3 Virtualization Platform provide the server hardware, virtualization software and storage needed in a hyperconverged platform that can be managed from a single, unified interface to simplify data center management.  The uniqueness of the solution is its patented HyperCore Software. HyperCore is preloaded onto all HC3 nodes, ready deploy straight out-of-the-box, fine-tuned for each HC3 node type with nothing additional to license or install. More info.

030915potw hexis

HawkEye AP

Key features: HawkEye AP 6.0 is a sophisticated log management solution, providing deep security analytics on high volumes of data. With a new intuitive graphical user interface and an advanced analytics module capable of detecting insider threats, HawkEye AP offers deeper data modeling capabilities. More info.

030915potw jamf


Pricing:  Bushel is free to use for up to three devices, forever. Beyond three devices, customers pay two dollars a month for each device. Bushel features a pay as you go monthly pricing model, with no long-term contracts.

Key features: Bushel is a cloud-based solution designed from the ground up for small and midsized businesses to easily setup, manage and protect their Apple devices anytime from anywhere. More info.

030915potw perforce

Helix Threat Detection (part of Helix Enterprise from Perforce)

Pricing: $10,000 per year for the Helix Threat Detection Engine plus $25/user/year for the Helix Threat Detection Connector.

Key features: Uses behavioral analytics patented by Interset to monitor interactions with source code, product designs, etc. managed in Perforce Helix. System generates alerts indicating high-risk activities, users, machines, projects, and data. More info.

030915potw managengine


Key features: EC2Manager allows IT admins in SMBs and large enterprises to monitor the health and performance of Amazon EC2 instances remotely. More info.

030915potw radware

DefensePro x4420

Key features: Offers up to 300Gbps of mitigation capacity and provides the industry's widest range of simultaneous cyber-attack protection. It addresses today’s most tenacious volumetric DDoS attacks and mitigates sophisticated non-volume threats. More info.

030915potw rightscale

RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management

Key features: This release includes usability improvements as well as feature updates across RightScale-supported clouds including AWS, Google, and Azure. More info.

030915potw servicenow

ServiceNow Service Management for the Enterprise

Key features: The new applications and capabilities help organizations structure and enhance the service experience across the enterprise by applying a service orientation to enterprise functions. It provides customers the ability to define, structure and automate those services, removing inefficient, manual processes, such as using emails and phone calls to get something done, or spreadsheets to track progress. More info.

030915potw trace

TraceCSO: Incident Response Management

Key features: TraceCSO released enhanced incident response capabilities in accordance with NCUA guidance (15-CU-01) to allow credit unions to meet cybersecurity guidelines automatically and ensure the institution is audit-ready. More info.

030915potw skytap

Skytap Environments-as-a-Service on IBM Softlayer

Key features: Skytap running on SoftLayer infrastructure enables enterprises to rapidly deploy software development and test environments that seamlessly migrate entire complex environments between Skytap and IBM cloud centers globally. More info.

030915potw trapx


Key features: DeceptionGrid automates the deployment of camouflaged malware traps that uniquely detect the lateral movement of sophisticated malware. Once triggered, DeceptionGrid accurately identifies the malware and ALERTS your SOC in real-time. More info.

030915potw wti

Outlet Metered PDU with Current Consumption Alarms

Key features: A remote power control and reboot solution with outlet metering and current consumption alarms. Includes environmental alarms and event alarms, plus logging function to track alarm trends and user activity. More info.

030915potw zyxel

ZyXEL 10-Gigabit Ethernet Switches: XS1920-12, XS3700-24

Key features: ZyXEL’s new 12 and 24-port carrier-grade switches (XS1920-12, XS3700-24) boost bandwidth for virtualization, cloud and IP surveillance applications, and offer SMBs the performance they need at an affordable price. Both 10G switches support ZON configuration utility to check locations, assign IPs, reboot, and perform firmware upgrades on multiple switches, streamlining networking management from a single, easy-to-manage dashboard. More info.