31.4 references to Pi that you have to see

On March 14 (get it? Pi is 3.14… and March 14 is 3/14?) geeks around the world unite to celebrate.

030915 piday 1

Pi Day of the Century

Pi Day is a big day for nerds each year. On March 14 (get it? Pi is 3.14… and March 14 is 3/14) geeks around the world unite to celebrate. But this year is bigger. Why? Because it’s not just 3/14, it is 3/14/15, meaning five numbers of pi will be represented on this year’s Pi Day. Some are calling it the Pi Day of the century. Here are 31.4 references to pi you’ve got to check out:

030915 piday 2

When the clocks strikes 9:26:53…

Not only will March 14, 2015 be a big day for pi enthusiasts. But specifically at 9:26:53 will be a truly once in a lifetime pi moment.

030915 piday 3

This awesome shirt

If you’re a big fan of Pi Day and want to celebrate the Pi Day of the century, then this shirt is for you.

030915 piday 4

The ultimate Pi Day car

Note the license plate as well. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

030915 piday 5

Snack time

Line up your snacks like this.

030915 piday 6


Some awesome Pi Day pie.

030915 piday 7


And this.

030915 piday 8

Pie is round?

Or perhaps a more traditional Pi Day pie like these.

030915 piday 9

Lego pies

If you don’t have the ingredients to make pie, there are always legos.

030915 piday 10

Better than pie in the face

This group of people know how to celebrate Pi Da.

030915 piday 11

Or is it?

What better day to throw a pie in someone’s face?

030915 piday 12

This desktop background is perfect for pi enthusiasts

(There are no requirements to use Bing though.)

030915 piday 13

Big tipper

A pi tip.

030915 piday 14

Run play 3.14

Celebrate with the NFL.

030915 piday 15

Or maybe you’re more of a baseball fan

There’s nothing more American than baseball and pie.

030915 piday 16

The puck is in the shape of a pie

Hockey players celebrate Pi Day too.

030915 piday 17

A card for any day

This card is perfect for Pi Day.

030915 piday 18

Fooling around

Look out for Pi Day cartoons too.

030915 piday 19

The business of pi

Every business needs to do this on Pie Day.

030915 piday 20

Star Wars + Pi Day = Nerd heaven

“May the forks be with you.”

030915 piday 21

Coffee + pi

If you’re lucky your espresso will be served like this on Pi Day.

How to really celebrate Pi Day

This school knows how to do it.

030915 piday 23

For the sentimental

Give someone the gift of a Pi necklace.

030915 piday 24

Watch out for Pi Day puns

What is the plural of octopus?

030915 piday 25

Pi in the ski

This person takes Pi Day very seriously.

030915 piday 26

Dogs love Pi Day too

Celebrate with William Wegman’s dogs.

030915 piday 27


Pi Day pumpkin carving.

030915 piday 28

Who needs pie when there are cookies

This could require a lot of cookies.

030915 piday 29

Is pi really relevant?

Oreo doesn’t think so.

030915 piday 30

An irrational moment

Some are calling 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 the most irrational moment in history.

030915 pi 31

Get your Pi Day fill

For much more about Pi Day, visit the unofficial Pi Day Website here. Learn about pi, buy Pi Day merchandise and watch funny videos of pi.