Mobile apps that have changed my life: Fitness apps

In this part of my series on mobile apps, I hit some key fitness apps that I love.

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In my previous post in this series, I covered expanding my mind with the great mobile app Blinkist. Now it is time to focus on the body! I am currently using three mobile apps and one smartwatch to help ensure that all of these hours at the computer take much less of a toll on my physical self. 

The first app I am using for this almost everyday is Pushups Pro. The goal of Pushups Pro is to get you to the point where you can do 100 full body pushups (without dying). What are "full body" pushups, you might ask? Those are what you are probably thinking of as a standard pushup, where only your feet and hands are touching the floor. If you are a beginner on pushups, you might start with counter pushups where you are leaning against a counter or table. The next stage would be knee pushups, where you are on your knees and hands. I was lucky (strong enough) to start with full body. After several weeks with the app, I am already at over 50 pushups in a workout session with this killer personal training app. Once I conquer my goal here, I will continue to do daily pushups, but will add one of their other apps to the mix, like sit-ups (yuck.)

The second app I am using almost everyday is RunKeeper. Yes, I know, most of us despise running, but its health benefits are pretty undeniable. RunKeeper not only tracks my runs and my progress, but also features a built-in trainer that tells me when to run, how to run, and how long or how far. Once again, I need someone to tell me exactly what to do for fitness or I will do nothing!

Finally, I have fallen in love with the Pebble watch. Yes, I am in line right now for an Apple Watch, but while I wait for that I have been using the Pebble. It integrates with RunKeeper and shows me my stats as I run, but it also features a free UP app that shows me my step goals for the day, and also vibrates on my wrist if I have been inactive for more than 20 minutes. This is a great reminder to at least stand up and stretch. 

I hope you will consider these apps, or apps like them, to help you keep moving. We all know how our desk jobs can take their toll! 

As always, thank you for reading, and I will be back soon with more life-changing mobile apps!

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