New products of the week 03.16.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as EiQ Networks and Identiv.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


031615potw allworx

Allworx Connect

Pricing: Connect 320: $1,230; Connect 324: $1,355; Connect 530: $1,665; Connect 536: $1,875; Connect 731: $3,250

Key features: Allworx Connect is a new family of VoIP communication systems designed for small enterprises. The Connect series boasts faster processing power, enhanced Codec support, native Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and improved mobile connectivity. More info.

031516potw xio

ISE 800 G3 Series

Pricing: ISE 820 G3 (6.4TB)   $124,000; ISE 850 G3 (25.6TB)  $320,000; ISE 860 G3 (51.2TB)  $575,000

Key features: X-IO’s first all-flash storage system, the ISE 800 G3 Series, unlocks the performance of flash without capacity, integration or cost compromises. Designed for workloads with growing volumes of data accessed concurrently, 24/7 data availability and low-latency such as OLTP and mission-critical database applications, the ISE 800 series provides more throughput, connectivity and management simplicity needed in these environments. More info.

031615potw brother


Key features: The ImageCenter ADS-2500We Desktop Scanner helps simplify the way documents are captured, managed, processed, and delivered. The wireless ADS-2500We delivers cloud services integration and is integrated with Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote, GOOGLE DOCS, EVERNOTE, Dropbox, Android devices and more. More info.

031516potw netfort


Key features: LANGuardian is deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on user and network activity. Latest version includes application recognition support for hundreds of the most common applications and protocols. More info.

031615potw clarizen

Clarizen Spring 2015 Release

Key features: Clarizen’s Spring 2015 release is the largest strategic platform enhancement since V6. It delivers a 360-degree view of companies’ initiatives, to quickly make accurate business decisions for rapid action. More info.

031615potw drobo

Drobo B1200i

Pricing: Drobo B1200i with 72TB HDD: $13,799; Drobo B1200i Hybrid with 48TB HDD and 720GB SSD: $12,599; Drobo B1200i Hybrid with 36TB HDD and 720GB SSD: $8,499; Drobo B1200i with no disks: $3,999

Key features: Drobo B1200 hybrid storage system, designed for small-to-midsize businesses, is certified for Vmware vSphere 5.5, and includes major enhancements that boost storage capacity by 400% and performance by up to 800%. More info.

031615potw caliend


Key features: The S160 is a 160-port optical circuit switching system with total throughput of more than 16 terabits per second and is ideal for data center and service provider applications. More info.

031615potw fieldview

FieldView 2015

Key features: improves data center resilience by capturing, correlating, analyzing massive live data, enabling “What If?” simulation of potential failures, and of contemplated changes and planned maintenance downtime. More info.

031615potw eiq

SecureVue STIG Profiler

Key features - SecureVue STIG Profiler is a free software solution that plays a critical role in STIG compliance monitoring. The SecureVue STIG Profiler automates this part of the STIG process and in turn, provides detailed information regarding what STIGs apply to a system based upon the software installed.  More info.

031615potw identiv

uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker

Key features– Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is a credit card-sized smart sensor that provides low-cost tracking and monitoring of temperature readings, offering cloud and mobile integrations for various IoT products. More info.

031615potw jotform

JotForm— Fillable PDF Form Creator

Key features: Migrating FormsCentral users now have the added option of importing their FormsCentral PDF forms, or continuing to use their existing FormsCentral PDF forms with JotForm’s system. FormsCentral not only supports online forms, but also offline PDFs. The workflow is to design a form with FormsCentral, export it to a fillable PDF, send it to users to fill out and then later return. JotForm now supports this workflow as well so its new FormsCentral users can continue to use fillable PDFs as they always have. More info.

031615potw independenceit

Cloud Workspace Suite version 4.1 with Automated RemoteApp Workflow

Key features: Cloud Workspace Suite now features enhanced remote application capabilities, greatly simplifying IT administrator delivery of remote applications. This enhancement provides seamless delivery of one or more applications to any user computing device regardless of operating system or hardware platform with breakthrough administrative automation.  More info.

031615potw kemp

FREE LoadMaster

Key features: Free LoadMaster is a zero cost load balancer that makes application delivery frictionless and streamlined for the entire Dev-to-Ops lifecycle. More info.

031615potw nebula

Nebula Cloud Controller

Key features: Nebula announced the industry's lowest point of entry for deploying a commercial OpenStack private cloud, and doubled the density of its Cloud Controller server capacity from 20 to 40 nodes. More info.

031615potw mendix

Mendix Model Share

Key features: Rapid developers can share live and fully functional application models on the web with just one click, enhancing their ability to collaborate and save time by instantly re-using app components. More info.

031615potw qumulo

Qumulo Core

Key features: Qumulo Core builds real-time data analytics directly into storage, giving enterprises an unprecedented view of their data and storage resources at scale. More info.

031615potw teamquest

TeamQuest Surveyor

Key features - Analyze and report performance and capacity for your storage environment. TeamQuest Surveyor upgraded to support mapping AIX LPAR environments to SAN disk usage and VMware guest disk discovery and reporting. More info.

031615potw stortrends

StorTrends 3600i Family of all-flash arrays (AFA)

Key features: StorTrends 3600i Family of all-flash arrays address needs of performance-intensive applications for virtualized environments, VDI and mixed workloads at disruptive pricing models starting at .50 cents per GB. More info.

031615potw ryft

Ryft ONE

Pricing: $120,000 annual subscription and a one-time $80,000 integration fee

Key features:  The Ryft ONE is the only platform that simplifies and accelerates the simultaneous analysis of up to 48 terabytes of historical and streaming data to 10 Gigabytes per second. More info.

031615potw venafi

Venafi TrustNet

Key features: Cloud-based reputation service designed to protect enterprises from the growing threat of cryptographic key and digital certificate abuse. More info.

031615potw wti

Hybrid Console Server/PDU/ATS with Current Monitoring

Key features: Remote console port access, remote power control, ATS and current monitoring; all in a convenient 1U rack mountable device. Also includes alarm, monitoring and logging capabilities, plus enterprise management software. More info.

031615potw vorex


Pricing: Vorex’s pricing model is built out into several subscription levels – basic (starting at $10/user/month); professional (starting at $29/user/month); and platinum which is customized individually based upon customer needs.
Key features: Vorex announced “Winter 2015 Release” for the online project management and PSA platform for SMBs, offering enhancements including Quickbooks and Outlook calendar integration, employee HR profiles and upgraded CRM features. More info.

031615potw authentify

Authentify xFA SecureCallCenter

Key features: Using a biometric authentication sequence, SecureCallCenter combats social engineering by authenticating users via a financial institution’s mobile app then connecting the user and their information to a call center representative. More info.

031615potw bluebox

Bluebox Security

Key features: Bluebox Security’s 2015 Winter Release gives applications an extra perimeter of defense making the app aware of its environment and enabling it to detect app tampering and device vulnerabilities that threaten corporate data. More info.

031615potw unidesk

Unidesk 3.0

Key features - A tool for Hyper–V and Microsoft VDI users to simplify application deployment, eliminate image sprawl, offer persistent personalization and achieve scalable management of RDS users and collections with Unidesk layering. More info.

031615potw untangle


Key features: u50w is a wireless appliance and firewall designed for controlling network traffic and keeping malicious threats out. u50w delivers network performance, protection and monitoring. Plug-and-play setup makes deployment easy, even for less technical users. More info.

031615potw bettercloud 2

BetterCloud Enterprise for Google Apps

Key features: BetterCloud’s new Google Drive Compliance Engine scans Google Drive in real time for Social Security numbers, payment information, or any other type of personally identifiable information, alerting admins to security risks and policy violations. More info.

031615potw juniper

Juniper Networks SRX5000 Series Services Gateways with Express Path

Pricing: Express Path software is available on the IOCII cards at no additional cost. List pricing for the cards starts at $98,500 (for the lowest combination).

Key features: Express Path offers boost in throughput to 1 Tbps, reduced latency and improved session scalability, enabling the firewall to keep pace with massive volumes of traffic on the network. More info.

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