Yepzon: Tracking your stuff in the real world has just become affordable

You can geolocate your stuff not only in the US but many other countries, too.

Keeping track of your stuff is hard enough when it’s in your office or your home but when it’s running around in the real world and you want to track it in real time it’s next to impossible, at least, next to impossible at a reasonable price. But technology marches on and a new company, Yepzon, have just made tracking your stuff far more affordable.

The Yepzon

The Yepzon

Yepzon’s eponymous gadget, the Yepzon, is a waterproof, flattened pill-shaped device (roughly 3.35” by 1.77” by 0.60”) that weighs next to nothing (1.6oz). There are no buttons so it can’t be accidentally switched off and it works out of the box.

Built into the Yepzon is a GPS subsystem and a cellular transmitter that works in the US, all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, and Russia and there’s a roster of other countries where roaming time can be purchased (see “Does usage abroad cost separately” in the Yepzon FAQ). There are also Bluetooth and NFC transceivers.

When you first pair a Yepzon via either NFC or Bluetooth you assign it a name and specify the Active Mode period (how often it sends location updates) and Sleeping Mode duration (how long it sleeps once its location hasn’t changed for 20 minutes). The geolocation accuracy ranges from about 3.5 feet at best with GPS while on Android and iOS devices that support Bluetooth BLE, the device’s location can be determined by a signal strength meter built in to the free application if you’re within 150 feet.

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A Yepzon will run for roughly one week on a charge (the built-in battery can be recharged via its micro USB port and the devices will notify you via the smartphone app when it needs recharging) although judicious choice of Active Mode and Sleep Mode durations can extend the run time considerably as can an external battery.

The Yepson smartphone apps are simple and easy to use and support the initial setup and ongoing use and configuration. Multiple users can follow a single Yepzon although there is no master user so any user can revoke access of any other user; not, might I suggest, the best plan.

But what’s really cool about the Yepzon is the price: €99.00 (as of writing, that's $107.82) but, at present, the Yepzon isn’t available outside of the EU; something that will change soon. The device comes with 6 months or 30MB of data included and additional time is billed at €3.95/5MB which is about one month of use).

So, what can you use the Yepzon for? Locating children (the device is so small you can hide it in their lunch box), locating teenagers (they’ll never notice it in the glovebox under the old Micky-D wrappers), and in packages. You could attach it to your dog’s collar (as long as it’s one of the bigger breeds) or glue it under your bicycle seat. It really is a general purpose locator and at the price, there’s all sorts of uses in both private and corporate settings that suddenly become affordable. After Russian president, Vladimir Putin, went missing for a week Yepzon donated a unit so his country could keep track of him. 

I've just started testing a Yepzon and it's really cool. Highly recommended and the Yepzon from Yepzon gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.

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