College students admit they'll text during anything (and I mean anything)

Students driven to distraction by texting during funerals, face-to-face conservations and even going to the bathroom

College students acknowledge that it's socially unacceptable to text while showering, attending a funeral or while having sex, but they'll do it anyway, according to new research from Penn State Harrisburg psychologists.

"We have looked at inappropriate texting behavior -- texting while driving, for instance -- before, but what we wanted to find out is whether the people who are engaging in these forms of behavior even know whether or not it is the right thing to do," said Marissa Harrison, associate professor of psychology, Penn State Harrisburg, in a statement.

The researchers concluded that students aren't intentionally trying to devise new norms, but just can't help themselves from sending and answering texts. Students do believe that texting while eating or on the toilet are pretty normal these days, however.

The study, "2 TXT or not 2 TXT: College students' reports of when text messaging is social breach," has been published in the Social Science Journal. It is based on a 70-question survey given to 152 college-age students.

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