Container competition: Startup CoreOS gets $12M from Google to take on Docker

Docker has been the love child of the container movement, but with backing from Google, CoreOS signifies competition in container-world

Container technology is sweeping across the tech industry, with almost every big IT vendor seemingly jumping on the Docker bandwagon. Everyone from Amazon Web Services, to Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat and even VMware have announced support for Docker containers.

container stack

Users now have options for container technology. 

But now there’s competitor in town. Last year startup Linux OS startup company CoreOS announced that its own container runtime software named Rocket (rkt). This week CoreOS got new fuel to power Rocket, with $12M in venture capital funding from a big name in tech: Google. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Fuel Capital and Accel Partners also teamed up on the investment.

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Google has an own open source software named Kubernetes, which manages clusters of containers. CoreOS hopes to be one of the first companies to commercialize Kubernetes, hence the Google Venturesinvestment. CoreOS has built a software product named Tectonic (in beta now) that uses Rocket along with Kubernetes for organizations who want to start using containers.

While Docker has gained much traction in the container world thusfar, with a fresh influx of new money and the backing of Google, a company like CoreOS could start to give Docker a run for its money.


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