New products of the week 04.13.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Adobe and Array Networks.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


041315potw aerohive130

Aerohive AP130

Key features: Aerohive’s AP130 is an enterprise-grade 2x2, 2-stream, 802.11ac access point. With the AP130, organizations can now upgrade their wireless networks to 802.11ac without having to upgrade existing Power over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure. More info.

041315potw alienvault

Unified Security Management (USM) for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Key features: AlienVault USM for AWS is an AWS-native solution that delivers essential, built-in security controls and threat intelligence to accelerate and simplify threat detection and incident response. More info.

041315potw aerohive

Hive Manager NG

Key features: Aerohive Networks has introduced its completely updated HiveManager Next Generation cloud management platform for mobile-first organizations. The combination of HiveManager Next Generation with Aerohive’s new 802.11ac access point, the AP130, delivers a complete mobility solution. More info.

041315potw adobe

Adobe Document Cloud and Acrobat DC

Key features:  Adobe Document Cloud combines a completely reimagined Acrobat with the power of e-signatures, allowing users to edit, sign, send, and track documents across desktops, mobile and web. More info.

041315potw array

AVX7600 Array Virtualized Appliance

Key features: The AVX7600 offers guaranteed performance with mix-and-match configurations and flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing, AVX7600 supports up to 16 independent application delivery controller (ADC) or SSL VPN virtual appliances. More info.

041315potw atscale

AtScale Intelligence Platform

Key features: The AtScale Intelligence Platform provides the industry’s first Hadoop-native analysis server that allows users to analyze Big Data at full scale and top speed, while leveraging the existing BI tools they already own, use and love. More info.

041315potw bedrock

Bedrock Data, data integration platform

Key features: Bedrock Data automatically reviews, updates and syncs information previously stuck in marketing-automation, email, ticketing, CRM, and other system-silos, providing the timely and accurate information necessary to make smart business decisions.  More info.

041315potw cirrus

Data Caching Server

Key features: Plug-and-play SAN based caching appliance that accelerates storage performance while generating vital I/O statistics for planning the next storage refresh cycle. Installed either as a permanent or temporary "Cache-as-a-Service" model. More info.

041315potw ddn


Key features: MEDIAScaler, the first file-based workflow solution offering simultaneous, concurrent access to media content across hundreds of users, accelerates production workflows, seamlessly integrates with the cloud, and reduces hardware footprint. More info.

041315potw deepengine

Deep Engine

Key features: Deep Engine is an adaptive database kernel and information orchestration system that leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to accelerate database performance, speed and scale for Big Data demands. More info.

041315potw eccentrex

DCM Template 3.0 for AppBase

Key features - Prebuilt Case Management Template to process Investigative, Incident and Service request request-based work. Facilitates quick start for rapid deployment along with customizable functionality, business rules and user interface. More info.

041315potw egenera

Xterity Cloud Services

Key features: Xterity is specifically built for the reseller community. It enables them to deliver multi-cloud solutions to enterprise customers providing unparalleled customer service, a global footprint, and the ability to guarantee SLAs at competitive pricing. More info.

041315potw egnyte

Egnyte for Google Apps

Key features:  Egnyte for Google Apps combines secure hybrid infrastructure with convenient collaboration. More info.

041315potw endgame

Endgame Enterprise

Key features: Endgame Enterprise is an endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform with early warning, instant detection, and active response to advanced threats. More info.

041315potw finalscode 2


Key features: FinalCode persistently protects sensitive files wherever they go with encryption, granular usage controls including remote deletion that seamlessly works with any application, content management system, cloud storage and collaboration channel. More info.

041315potw ghangor

Information Security Enforcer Version 1.5

Key features: Information Security Enforcer Version 1.5 is the industry’s first solution to provide comprehensive protection of data throughout the enterprise eliminating the need for manual pre-tagging of information. In addition to its ability to drastically mitigate data compliance and leakage risks — including malicious theft, accidental leakage, and misuse of mission-critical information.

041315potw incapsula

Imperva Incapsula

Key features: Turnkey integration with SIEM tools, external DDoS attack monitoring, and multi-protocol DDoS protection for dedicated customer IP addresses. Combined, these bring advanced security capabilities to organizations of all sizes. More info.

041315potw paessler

PRTG Network Monitor 100 sensor license

Key features: Free 100 sensor license of PRTG Network Monitor, a full-featured network monitoring solution. Ideal for SMBs and startups. Over 200 sensor types (measuring points) are available. More info.

041315potw omnify

Empower PLM 6.0

Key features: Completely new user experience (UX) designed with a simplified configuration and knowledge-sharing tools. Available in the cloud, on-premises or hosted. Incorporates a new BOM (bill of materials) configuration, compliance, and training management. More info.

041315potw platfora

Platfora Big Data Analytics for Security

Key features: Platfora Big Data Analytics for Security transforms and connects unlimited amounts of raw datasets in Hadoop, then visualizes and analyzes them to discover key identifiers linked to past/potential breaches. More info.

041315potw quantum


Key features: Artico provides a flexible, low-cost entry point for archive. Ideal for moving files seamlessly from primary storage to less expensive storage while maintaining full access to all files. More info.

041315potw redcanary

Red Canary

Key features: Red Canary provides enterprise-grade endpoint threat detection and response capabilities by combining best-of-breed technologies and techniques in its multi-dimensional security platform. More info.

041315potw secureislands

The IQProtector Suite, version 5.0

Key features:  IQProtector 5.0 breaks new ground with its Data Interception Architecture - an open framework that enables more data to be ‘immunized’ (classified and protected) faster with and with 100% accuracy. More info.

041315potw tintri

Tintri OS 3.2 and Tintri Global Center 2.0

Key features – New storage products provide VM-level QoS with contention visualization to guarantee VM-level performance. Enables IT and Service Providers to manage VM-level storage policies at scale, accelerate application development and data recovery. More info.

041315potw tracesecurity

TraceCSO: Vendor Risk Management

Key features: TraceSecurity enhanced TraceCSO’s vendor management capabilities to allow organizations to assess and mitigate third-party risk through its robust assessments, questionnaires, and best practice workflow. More info.

041315potw unisys

Forward! by Unisys Model 4150B

Key features: Forward! by Unisys Model 4150B server has been certified for deployments of SAP HANA in a single-node, bare-metal configuration, providing a new way to deploy real-time data analytics applications. More info.

041315potw varnish

Varnish API Engine

Key features: Helps developers manage the proliferation of API calls in the modern age of apps and the Internet of Things (IoT). Handle up to 20,000 API calls per second, far surpassing the performance of most alternatives. More info.

041315potw vormetric

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway

Key features: Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway helps enterprises secure sensitive data residing in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) and Box environments with encryption, key management and access controls. More info.

041315potw wti

240 VAC Vertical Format Power Transfer Switch

Key features: A reliable power fallback solution for single inlet, 240 VAC devices in crowded equipment racks. Mounts to rack post or side rail to provide power redundancy without sacrificing rack space. More info.

041315potw xena


Key features - Xena offers a world-class Gigabit TCP testing appliance for
load testing and characterization of Ethernet equipment and network infrastructure. The platform will initially support interfaces of 1G-40G and is prepared for 100G. More info.

041315potw yubico


Key features – Just the size of a thumbnail, Yubico’s new YubiHSM enables an easy, affordable way of protecting encryption secrets and passwords stored on an authentication server. More info.

041315potw zetta

Zetta DataProtect

Key features: is a SaaS-based, enterprise-grade local and cloud backup, disaster recovery and archiving tool. More info.

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