8 DEMO Traction products you have to see

Keep up with the most exciting products at the DEMO Traction conference in San Francisco.


Introducing DEMO Traction

The long-running DEMO conference kicked off with a new twist this morning – rather than focusing solely on new startups, the DEMO Traction show is shining a light on the companies that are gaining momentum in the market. Here are 10 companies to keep an eye on.

MindMeld: Bring voice commands to any app or website

Particularly with the rise of the connected car and internet-connected TV, voice recognition is becoming a highly valuable interface. Expect Labs' MindMeld offers any company the ability to build a custom voice command feature into their website or application. The process involves creating a "knowledge graph" that aggregates the information on the website and builds a custom database from which a voice recognition tool can pull relevant information upon request.


GuestU: Custom mobile apps for small hospitality businesses

Recognizing that those running small hotels or hostels are too busy working to develop their own apps, GuestU helps create custom mobile services that provide important information for guests. Once downloaded, the app can work offline, making it useful for guests who are traveling outside of their coverage areas, and can provide suggestions on things like nearby attractions and the area's best restaurants.


RentalRoost: Contextual search for house hunters

After finding it difficult to identify some of the most important factors of a new home while using the traditional online search methods, the creators of RentalRoost made a service where buyers can find potential homes that fit their needs. RentalRoost users can find specific details on potential homes, such as those that are both pet-friendly and walkable, for example. The site can also import a user's Facebook information to suggest homes that align with their lifestyle.


Simplilearn Career Catalyst: Helping job seekers get certified

The Career Catalyst tool from Simplilearn offers resources for those considering a new career who might not know what certifications they'll need, let alone where they can earn them. The Technology training and certifications listed on the site seem pretty comprehensive, offering access to CompTIA, CCNP, and Android app development resources, among many others.

Welcome to Workspot

WorkSpot: Workspace as a Service

Aiming to resolve the complexity of the telework option that more and more companies are offering, WorkSpot offers a cloud solution that simplifies the process of connecting to corporate resources and using internal apps. The system leverages an organization's existing VPN infrastructure (supporting Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances and Juniper SA Series SSL-VPN) and offers access through its entirely cloud-based control. The company also offers pretty in-depth information on its security practices on its website.


Xompass: Cloud-based platform for industrial IoT data

While the Internet of Things (IoT) is still gaining traction in consumer markets, it’s poised to take off in the enterprise, particularly for industrial organizations that can gain data on equipment that was previously limited. Xompass is targeting this potentially massive market with a cloud-based solution that collects, stores, and analyzes data created by sensors on industrial equipment, providing real-time monitoring of the data and automatic alerts.


NPTV: Interactive apps for real-time video streaming

NPTV eyes the TV market for disruption with its cloud app platform that allows an interactive experience for streaming video. Apps based on NPTV are device-agnostic, and can react to the user's commands, offering options for things like camera angle on a live broadcast or access to additional content. This video at the company's website explains how it all works.


DocSend: Document tracking

DocSend allows users to send hyperlinks to documents via email and tracks when recipients have opened or forwarded the document to other people, notifying the sender to who has access to it. The company bills it as a tool for sales and marketing to help identify contacts they can follow up with. DocSend also integrates with Gmail, and allows users to update documents after they've already been sent.