RSA 2015

Hot security products at RSA 2015

See the latest security wares on display at RSA in San Francisco.


RSA 2015

Security professionals are gathering this week in San Francisco for the RSA Conference. Here are some of the products on display.

rsa barracuda

Barracuda NG Firewall

Key Features: Barracuda NGFW helps protect K-12 schools with new updates including SafeSearch, YouTube for Schools, Wi-Fi Policy Enforcement, Remote Access Management and Barracuda NG Remote iOS Application. More info.

rsa catbird

Catbird Insight

Key features: Catbird Insight is the first visualization solution for cloud and on-premise virtual environments that helps organizations rapidly discover, organize and analyze their virtual fabric to reduce security risks. More info.

rsa damballa

Failsafe 6.0

Key features:  Failsafe 6.0 leverages a distributed computing architecture that enables the seamless addition of powerful new detection modules, ease of integration with other security technologies, and more efficient processing power. More info.

rsa ciphercloud

CipherCloud Platform 4.3

Key Features: This is a cloud-security platform supporting visibility, data security (encryption, tokenization, data loss prevention), compliance and threat prevention across enterprise cloud applications. This enables enterprises to safely adopt business cloud applications, protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance, and monitor cloud usage across the entire organization.

rsa easysolution

Detect Safe Browsing Clientless

Key features:  Transparently integrates malware detection into critical web pages, protecting customers against man-in-the-browser and web injection attacks. Leverages fraud intelligence to detect and respond real time to malware. More info.

rsa hp

HP ArcSight User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Key Features: ArcSight User Behavior Analytics montors user behavior seeking anomalies that indicate malicious behavior, measures the risk, and prioritizes those events that warrant attention. UBA is based on Securonix’s insider threat analysis platform. More info.

rsa lancope

Lancope StealthWatch System 6.7

Key features: Lancope’s StealthWatch System 6.7 extends network visibility and context-aware security analytics with key new functionality including the ProxyWatch solution for obtaining visibility into both sides of a proxy conversation. More info.

rsa pulse

Pulse One

Key Features: Pulse One centrally manages remote, mobile and campus access to the data center and cloud by unifying policies for on-premises and cloud deployments while also managing the nuances of mobile security. More info.

rsa ganghorcloud

Information Security Enforcer

Key features: Information Security Enforcer is software that sits logically inline with all network traffic that weighs identity, role and content to determine what traffic represents malicious activity and blocks it. More info.

rsa titus

TITUS Classification Suite 4

Key Features:  TITUS Classification Suite 4 uses content and context to automatically classify and protect information, and allows manual and guided classification for flexibility. Fine-grained policy control and comprehensive metadata capture also leverages overall security investment, improves data management and increases regulatory compliance. More information

rsa gigamon


Key Features: GigaVUE-TA40 is a traffic-aggregation node with 32 40GB ports to provide visibility and security at the edge of the largest networks. The device supports comprehensive views of 40GB networks in what Gigamon calls its Visibility Fabric via Flow Mapping, and can share traffic intelligence with Gigamon’s GigaSMART devices such as applications, SSL Decryption, NetFlow Generation and de-duplication. It is based on GigaVUE-OS, which has been upgraded and includes of inline bypass and privacy safeguards, as well as introducing unique whitelisting. More information

rsa centrify

Centrify Privilege Service

Key features: Centrify Privilege Service is a cloud-based identity management service that complements and extends the capabilities for identity consolidation, privilege management and privileged session auditing found in the on-prem Centrify Server Suite by providing shared account password management for servers, network devices and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). More information.

042815 watchful

RightsWATCH 6.6

Key features:  RightsWATCH ensures sensitive information is identified, classified and available only to those authorized. RightsWATCH 6.6 brings deeper capabilities to address GRC initiatives, enhanced policy management and enterprise collaboration via SharePoint. More info.

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